automatic feeding machine automatic chapatti machines for large scale production

by:Hengju     2019-06-25
One of India's most popular staples is chhatti.Almost every family prepares for them on a regular basis.At the time of our grandmother, a large number of chapattis were produced at home to feed the big family.In the past, in weddings and many other places where food was produced in large quantities, women produced food in thousands of places.With the change of the times and the decrease of human power, the food industry must look for alternative ways to produce chapatti or rotis in large quantities.The automatic chapatti machine is the answer to this request.What is the automatic Chapatti machine?These are electric automatic machines that can produce a large number of chapattis in a short period of time.This is a large stainless steel machine for mass production of chapattis.It includes two parts-One part makes dough balls of equal size, and the other part presses the dough balls to chapattis and bake.An average of about 1000 chapartis are produced per hour.Types of Chapatti machines: the main types of chapatti machines are halfAutomatic and fully automatic.The two machines produce a similar number of chapattis in a similar way.The semi-The automatic chapatti machine makes dough balls in part and presses and bakes in another part of the machine.It requires the operator to look closely at the whole process.The automatic chapatti machine completes the whole process at once without anyone's help.It was effortless to nail about 1000 chapatees outside in an hour.Rontis or pooris are also prepared in a similar way.You will also find machines that specialize in this work.A raw poori manufacturing machine will produce about 10,000 pois per hour and then fry in oil.As poori is smaller than chapatti, the number of units produced in one hour has increased dramatically.The latest model of Chapatti manufacturing machine is fully automatic.It is more efficient, energy-efficient, and more complex than earlier models.It has built-in ovens, hoppers, rollers and belts to move chapattis, made entirely of stainless steel.The machine produces about 2000 chapattes per hour.Advantages of Chapatti manufacturing machine: The first advantage is that it is completely hygienic compared to the traditional chapatti manufacturing method.Because almost all the work is done by the machine, no manual touch is required.The only person found around the machine was the operator, who had just carefully looked at the production process and monitored the reading of the machine.The second two that chapattis is equal in size and baked evenly.The machine has introduced small churches of the same size in diameter and thickness.The temperature of the machine is set in such a way that each chapatti is baked correctly on both sides.The biggest advantage of the automatic chapatti machine is that compared to human production, it can produce a large number of chapattis in a fast time.Perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, weddings, hospitals, large schools, hotels and industrial areas.This is a cost effective way to produce a large number of chapattis without affecting the quality.
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