bulk material handling conveyor systems improve efficiency and ...

by:Hengju     2019-06-23
Jervis B.Design, manufacture and installation of Webb Company 2.5 miles of conveyor and peripherals at NB Power Belledune Power station.The bulk handling system ships coal from the terminal to the power station at a speed of 2700 tons per hour.
In fact, when the first ship was unloaded, the coal was delivered to the storage area at a peak speed of more than 2800 tons per hour.This is another successful project for Webb, a global company dedicated to providing the industry with the most reliable coal handling systems.The Belledune power station is a 450 MW coal.
The thermal power station of Energie NB power in the New Brunswick Bell dunes, Canada.The station is operated by the coal transported by the ship.Coal is transported from the ship unloader through nearly 2 miles of corridors, 5 transfer rooms and Crusher building by 7 5-Foot broadband conveyor.
The coal is transported to the concrete stacking tower for external storage or to the covered storage area.After storage, the coal can be recycled between the storage area or recovered to the boiler room through the system of 7 belt conveyors and 2 collective conveyors.The main structure and equipment include: 2.
Belt conveyor 5 miles, 1.
8 mile corridor, five transfer houses, Crusher building, concrete stacking Tower, vibrating feeder, tramp iron detector, magnetic separator, belt scale, coal sampling system, double roller crusher for frozen coal crusher, the electric surge is called heavy warehouse, two whole conveyors, dust collectors, furnace ash and Coke removal systems, fire fighting and spraying systems
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