bulk transfer equipment Australia's Local Hero finalists from Western Australia

by:Hengju     2019-06-22
During the 32-year career of the Royal Flight Doctor Service (RFDS), Dr. Stephen Lanford saved countless lives and relieved great suffering.Starting in 1983, Stephen was surprised to find the limited resources available in RFDS.
Over the years, Stephen worked tirelessly to roll out dozens of innovations, from the treatment of preventing premature birth to the ability of ultrasound diagnosis, special transfer equipment for heavy patients, and blood clots --Provide drugs for patients with heart disease.In response to the tyranny of distance, Stephen ran for a fast Hawker 800 jet, changing the way emergency medical teams responded to remote incidents-some of which were 2,000 kilometers from the nearest hospital.Now, Stephen is the medical director of RFDS in Western Australia and has had a huge impact on the health of remote indigenous communities.
A recent study confirmed that patients who were seriously injured in remote Western Australia would have significantly improved their survival rate if they received early medical care from the Stephen team.Carl melisen, the longest-serving member of holcreek clone Taff College, is an example for young Aboriginal boys.As the Academy's operating officer in holcreek, Carl overseas is an activity program that teaches leadership, healthy lifestyles and life skills.
Carl, who offers lasting emotional and physical support, cultural and linguistic advice, is always willing to go beyond his duties for his young allegations.His commitment to the young holcreek exceeded the school gate.Carl is an active athlete and a volunteer coach at the holscreek Eagle football club.
At work at the local pool, Carl encouraged young people to make positive lifestyle choices.After the loss of family members committed suicide, Carl was an activist who raised suicide awareness and supported students struggling with mental health issues.Carl is a dedicated family member and an inspiring Aboriginal leader who impressed all the people he met with his energy, positivity and enthusiasm for the people.
According to his own admission, Robert leikai was once an angry man.After taking part in the anger management program, Rob changed his life and provided a lifeline to thousands of people.Shortly after arriving in Busselton on 2003, Rob was trained as a consultant and formed a team-mate men's support team.
Since then, Rob and his volunteer team have provided 24-hour crisis counseling, "cooling down" accommodation, anger management training, youth mentoring and support to thousands of people in need.Rob's emergency shelter will give them a place to go when people need to go out, and his sanctuary will help people get back on their feet.His children's visit service kept the man in touch with his family and his counselling was breaking the cycle of violence and re-offending.
Robert, the chairman of his team-mate, who works 70 hours a week, has become the "first choice" for male issues in the region, while helping many men to be responsible for their actions and being role models for their children.Linda Thomas, a former intensive care nurse, understands the heartbreaking that families will suffer when their loved ones die.But as a clinical nurse consultant specializing in organ and tissue donation, Linda also understands the comfort families can feel when giving gifts of life.
In her work with Donatelli, Linda often calls her family at midnight.She works closely with the medical and care team to ensure that they are able to identify potential donors and have the skills and sensitivity to connect with their families in the most difficult times.More than 1,500 people are on the organ donation waiting list every year, and Linda is helping to solve the problem of static organ and tissue donation rates in Australia.
With a lasting compassion and respect, whether it's speaking to hundreds of people at a meeting or at a meeting --on-Linda is a sad family member who is helping to save lives and make changes for the people who are left behind
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