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by:Hengju     2019-06-27
No matter what material we want to crush, raw coal or coal gangue;If we want to choose the most suitable crushing equipment to apply, we should consider many aspects.The moisture of raw coal directly determines the quality of the equipment.For coal gangue, the size of its raw materials has a great impact on our choice.
If the moisture content is below 10%, we should choose the PCH ring hammer crusher.As a kind of hammer crusher, this equipment is suitable for non-The cohesive material is broken, and its moisture content should be less than 10%.Can be used for raw coal crushing production line, sand production line.
In addition, it can replace the cone crusher in the mineral processing production line.Suitable for crushing of medium hard and weak corrosive materials such as stone, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, tile, limestone, Coke, red sandstone, slag, shale.If the moisture content is above 10%, we should choose 2PG roller crusher.
As a kind of roller crusher, it is suitable for primary and secondary crushing, and the moisture content of the material is more than 10%.They guarantee a strictly defined final granularity with a minimum of fine grain.It is used for crushing coke, sintering, coal, from soft to medium-Hard rock, ore, chalk, broken glass and similar products.
If the size of the coal gangue raw material exceeds 80mm, DPX single-The stage crusher is your best choice.This crusher is suitable for crushing materials with medium hardness and easy crushing, and its Moke hardness is less than 150 MPa.It is characterized by converting the crushing process of 2 stages into 1 stage to reduce costs and make the whole operation easier.
In addition, it can also achieve the magical effect of "more broken and less worn.If the size of the coal gangue raw material is less than 80mm, we can choose the PCK reversible hammer crusher.It can be called a special equipment specially used for crushing coal gangue.
It is suitable for crushing materials with medium hardness and easy crushing, and Moke hardness of materials is less than 120 MPa.It is famous for its three advantages: 1.The rolling hammer crusher and the impact crusher two into one.2.It has a powerful "three-stage crushing cavity" for crushing materials more effectively ".
The super wear-The main component of the crusher is the wear-resistant material "big gold tooth" crusher hammer, which makes the service life of the spare parts more than 17 months.The last of these features is its biggest advantage
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