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by:Hengju     2019-06-25
No matter what flower you choose, a flower gift will brighten someone's day.Do you know, however, that certain flowers symbolize certain qualities or concepts?Of course, not everyone pays attention to the meaning of the flower, but knows that it is rich.For special occasions such as weddings or formal parties, women usually wear wrists or pins.
Corsages arranged with miniature flowers.
When ordering a chest flower, consider the traditional meaning of the flower of your choice to convey your intended meaning.Orchids are similar in shape to daffodils, but more exoticThere are several colors on the same flower, and there are several sprays on the same stem.Orchids can represent rare, delicate beauty and nobility, and can also give birth to many children because they are similar to the root of the testicles.
These giant flowers have hundreds of small petals that grow alone like roses, not like the breath of alstroemeria or baby.Carnations are one of the most widely recognized flower classes and are often used in corsages.The meaning of carnations varies from color to color: red is the same as love;Talented white manAnd bold pink.
It is said that yellow carnations represent disdain, so be careful if you include it in your chest.Generally long-Stems with overlapping petals in a bowl, individual flowers-Roses are used as gifts for countless occasions, conveying many different emotions.Rose is the ultimate symbol of love, passion and perfection.
Roses have different meanings depending on the number and color of a given flower.Rose symbolizes love.White means innocence and purity.Mixing the two colors together means unity.Pink roses represent happiness.The yellow expression is jealousy or brokenhearted.
Little canglan, another plant often found in Koshi, has a trumpet-Flowers in a line of shape along the stem with a sword-shaped leaves.It is named after German doctor Frederick Heinrich Theodor Freese.This flower represents innocence and trust.
The chrysanthemum is long-There are many stem flowers with long petals.These flowers are popular in many places and often represent wealth, abundance and optimism.When using a red chrysanthemum in a chest flower, it symbolizes love.
White represents truth.
Yellow represents love that is despised.
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