convey Business owners learning to become digital ready

by:Hengju     2019-06-22
According to the glass declaration, Century business is creating a unified digital brandBoss Peter BowlesThe contemporary glass craftsman bredolburn runs his studioxa0However, along with artist Anne Clifton, they all acknowledge that the transition to digital is difficult.The two run a website.xa0Make glass declarations and "sporadic" posts on Facebook and Instagram pages.On Tuesday, two people who participated in the state's digital readiness program said their business needed professional help.
"The key is to engage professionals who we think can do the work ourselves --xa0We need professionals.xa0To improve the whole game. "Bowles said."[We need it]xa0The whole brand and the whole big picture."We are so focused on our business to show the businessxa0The outside is something missing for us.
The Launceston meeting on Tuesday was hosted by murmurnaghan.xa0Owner of HobartDigital Dandy, a social media company.MSxa0Murnaghan says the workshop is a hands-onIn terms of experience, practical advice is intended to teach small business owners about creating greater online influence.
"We reallyxa0Focus on visual contentxa0-xa0"What is the best practice around this to create the overall content," she said ."."It's about building confidence.xa0How to use their smartphone or how to use social mediaxa0Best results-how to maximize their time and really improve their skills.She believes that business owners in North Taizhou have become aware of the need to link their company to the online space.
"People see value and realize that they need to invest and upgrade their skills if they want to see them online and connect with their audience," she said ."."This shows the number of people attending the workshopxa0-xa0There is quite a high demand.Clifton says increasing digital media MSxa0Increasing her workload makes it more difficult to run her business.
"I amxa0Especially.
xa0I know a lot about the Internet, but I'm not interested in the Internet, "said Clifton MS."We have to learn a new language.Bowles says creating an online businessxa0Translationxa0In addition to the workload traditionally required, an additional 20 is required."Once people are in the gallery or see the work, they will immediately understand what we are doing, but it is complicated to communicate this through social media, and we have not succeeded at this point.
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