convey Caledonian Medical Centre set to close, Dr Tim Shaw to open new centre in Launceston

by:Hengju     2019-06-22
The only health center in inverme, the Kali Caledonian Medical Center, will be closed on April 18, and two of the three GPS systems will leave to build their own practices.Dr. Tim Shaw and Dr. Leanne Jones will join the Windmill Hill Medical Center, which is expected to open soon in Launceston.Dr. Richard Pearson, the third general practitioner at Caledonian, will join King's Meadow medical center on Hobart Road.
TasPrac, general manager and Dan Lao-Hotels with inverplum and King's Meadows practice-The company says it has been trying to recruit more GPs over the past four years."There are two GPs in operation..."It is not feasible to keep this approach [caricaledonian]," he said ."."Recruiting GPs is a challenge."We have been trying to recruit GPs."We had some success, but unfortunately during that time the GPs we were able to recruit had to move on for various reasons.
"So we had to make a tough decision to finish the exercise.Caledonian Medical Center is located on inverme Road and has been in its current position for the past 12 years.In addition to the three GPS systems, the center employs three receptionists, three nurses, a sports psychologist and an internship manager.
Lao said that most of the employees have successfully received new jobs, and some will be redeployed within TasPrac Services.He said the center began notifying patients of closure "a few weeks ago" and that the remaining patients will receive letters in the coming days.\ "I think the most important thing to convey is the fact that patients under the care of Dr.
kaledonian in kaledonian will still be under their care --It's just from different places, though, "he said."It's not a problem for us to get the GPs out of the market, it's just moving to a few other centers."But the patient is not going to be at a disadvantage, which is important to us.
The Windmill Hill Medical Center, located at the corner of Launceston High Street and Clarence Street, will be managed by Dr. Shaw and is expected to open in the next few weeks.Mr. Lao said that TasPrac fully supported the actions of Dr.
Shaw and Dr.
"We look at it from the perspective of patient care," he said ."."We are happy that new patients can continue to receive GPs care
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