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by:Hengju     2019-06-26
"What should I tell the children?\ "A question often asked after a lover committed suicide.The answer -the truth.Many people still think that it is better to keep the children away from the truth and somehow that will protect them.Usually, the opposite is true.Misleading children, evading the truth, or lying to them about how someone died, doing more harm than good;If they happen to hear the truth from others, their trust in you can be difficult to recover.I don't know that it may be terrible and harmful.We 've been told "honesty is the best policy" just because the subject is suicide doesn't mean there's any difference this time around.After losing a person they like to commit suicide, what might the children feel like: 1.Abandoned -The dead do not love them.2.It's their fault to feel dead.If they love this person more or behave differently.3.Afraid they will die.4.Worry about the people they love who will die or who will take care of them.5.Guilt -Because they want or think of the death of this man.6.Sad.7.Embarrassed -Go see someone else or go back to school.8.Confused.9.Angry -With those who died before God.10.Lonely.11.Denial -Pretend nothing happened.12.Numb -I can't feel anything.13.Hope it all goes away.Children and teenagers may have multiple feelings at the same time, or they may not feel anything at all.No matter what they feel, it is important to remember that they understand that it is OK.No matter what these feelings are, they have the right to let them out.It doesn't matter if they want to remain silent for the time being.How do we explain suicide to children or young people?It seems impossible, even too complicated to try, but that's exactly what we have to do-try!Their age will be a factor in how much they can understand and how much information you give them.Some children will be content with answers made up of one or two sentences;Others may have consecutive questions that they should be allowed to ask and answer.When children learn that death is suicide, their first question may be, "What is suicide ?"?"Explain that people die in different ways --Some people died of cancer, heart attacks, and some people died in car accidents. suicide means one person did it to himself.It will be difficult if they ask how, once again, but be honest.
"His brain (or mind) is sick and he is dead.
He has a very heavy brain condition and he is dead.
"The brain is an organ of the body, just like the heart, the liver, and the kidneys.Like other organs, sometimes it gets sick.
"She had a disease called depression that killed her.\ "(If the person the child knows, or the child himself, is being treated for depression, then it is crucial to emphasize that only some people die from depression, not all people with depression.There are many options for getting help, E.G.g.A combination of medication, psychotherapy, or both.) A more detailed explanation may be: "Our thoughts and feelings come from our brains, and sometimes a person's brain becomes very uncomfortable --This disease can cause a person to feel very uncomfortable inside.It also makes a person's mind confused and confused, so he can't think clearly.Some people can't think of any other way to stop the damage inside them.They don't understand, they don't have to think so, they can get help.\ "(It is important to note that some people get help because of depression and die anyway.Like other diseases, one can get the best treatment but still cannot survive.This can also be associated with depression.If this happens to your family, children and teenagers can usually understand the analogy above when explaining it to them.Children need to know that the dead person loves them, but because of illness, this person may not be able to convey this to them or think about how the children will feel after the death of their loved ones.They need to know that suicide is not their fault. what they say, do, don't say, and do will not lead to death.Some children may ask questions related to suicide ethics.Good/bad, right/wrong.It is best to avoid this if possible.None of this is suicide.This happens when pain exceeds the resources to deal with it.Whatever approach is taken in explaining suicide to children, they need to know that they can talk about suicide and ask questions when they feel it is necessary to know that someone there will listen.They need to know that they will not always be like this and things will get better and they will be loved and cared for no matter what happens.SA\\VE -Suicide consciousness \ voice of education, 7317 Cahill Road.
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