convey Hillwood structure plan recognised at national awards

by:Hengju     2019-06-22
A project of the George Town Council was commended at the national level.At the Australian Planning Award, the Commission was commended for its Hillwood structural plan, which was nominated as a hard-won category.This category is awardedxa0Planned initiatives, efforts or leadershipxa0Positive planning results were achieved.
Bridget Archer, mayor of Georgetown, said it was "very exciting "."The council is very proud of the work carried out on the plan, in particularxa0"It shows that strategic land use planning can be done with huge coverage," she said ."."This is critical for the regional commissions, because population is the key to viability, but it must be done on sustainable issues.
Cr Archer said the structural plan was developed in response to an increasing number of inquiries from mountain and wood landowners who felt that more land needed to be released and that there was "insufficient supply "."The plan is actually a blueprint for promoting development, but it is also trying to protect agriculture in the region from land-use conflicts," she said .".The nomination for the award is from Tasman, Boston University.
xa0In 2017, the Australian Institute of Planning was awarded the state award.The plan makes full use of "parliamentary resources ",xa0Help convey the value of strategic planning to elected members.The plan also addresses the needs of market segments on the edge of the city.
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