convey Tourism Tasmania launches new $6 million ad campaign

by:Hengju     2019-06-22
To attract more Australian tourists to tazhou, tazhou tourism launched an advertising campaign worth $6 million.The company's chief executive, John Fitzgerald, said it would be the "largest and longest" campaign in the top 10."Our goal is to be the main market for Australian cities, especially Sydney, Melbourne, southeast Queensland, which are growing for us, and of course Adelaide is also a new market for us, "said Mr.
Will Hodgman, Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, said the "West City behind the scenes" campaign willxa0Promote domestic tourism growth to a further level."Our boom in tourism has supported employment and business and kept tazhou ahead," Hodgman said .""Walking behind the landscape, xi will convey that the true essence of tazhou lies beneath the surface and will focus on the core tourist message of tazhou, that is, 'Food for your heritage '.
Hodgman said on 2017xa0Tasmania Island is a monthly record.A record $2 was spent on 25 million tourists.33 billion during their stay."Growth has been reported in all regions, with increased visits, occupancy and yields," he said .
The campaign will continue from May until the end.xa0August
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