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by:Hengju     2019-06-25
Artists use any source of material for the work they want to create, and they choose the media based on the aesthetic sense they want to convey.Some artists choose the medium of sculpture because of the touch, while others create sculptures that attract other senses: vision, sound, smell and even taste.Some sculptures are made of temporary media, such as ice or food, while others are permanent.
The chosen medium is usually part of art as much as the artwork itself.Artists often use the media that is most suitable for application.Sculptures can be made of bricks, such as the Patriot Peace Monument in Wisconsin, Kentucky, or bas-Relief stone carvings like Arc de Triomphe--Arch of victory--Barcelona, Spain.
Clay is a common engraving medium because it is easy to use.In 1974, the Chinese terracotta warriors found near the tomb of the first emperor Qin Shihuang included life.The size of the horse and an army of 8,000 soldiers have different faces and equipment.
.Other metal sources of the sculpture include gold, lead, brass, steel, copper and silver.Magdalena Abakanowicz, an international renowned Polish artist, began using fabric media such as linen and gauze in the 1970 s...People even create 3D artwork from paper by soaking, molding, cutting and molding.
If you have ever been to the beach in a sand sculpture contest, you will marvel at the creativity of the artist who created sculptures with sand.In most cases, the sculpture is temporary and washed away with the next climax..All types of stones are used as raw materials for a variety of sculptures, and the works of Michelle Angelo are among the best in his works from marble, such as David and Pietta.
Wax figures can be found everywhere in cities around the world.These museums depict life.Famous and notorious wax figures.Wax figures feature museums in the United States, Asia, Australia and Europe, including movie stars, historical figures, and world leaders.Native Americans have long made their hands out of wood.
Carved totem poles, [and today many wood craftsmen carved wooden sculptures with chain saws].Finally, the material used by the artist may be part of a statement she made with her artwork, just as the sculptures created by the artist include glass, lighting, sound, or recycled materials..The medium chosen by artists is as colorful as their imagination.
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