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by:Hengju     2019-06-24
External competition and increased internal pressure on lean production and productivity led many companies to reassess their warehouse operations.Using yesterday's strategy will not bring positive results for tomorrow.Automation is the answer if you want to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
More and more companies with insight and resources are fully automating their warehouse operations.Intelligent warehouse means a comprehensive integration of automation technology to achieve daily workto-day operations.The components of the intelligent warehouse may include the use of conveyor systems, automatic guide vehicles (AGVs), Automatic Trailer loading vehicles (ATL), automatic guide vehicles (AGCs, automatic Storage and Retrieval system (AS/RS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS ).
These ingredients can become an efficient warehouse when used in a collaborative effort.A company now takes the necessary steps to invest and develop the infrastructure of its warehouses and distribution centers and will eventually save money later.Intelligent warehouse operations will help warehouse managers achieve their goals of improving customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs.
Smart warehouses adhere to the basic principles of "lean" warehousing, while creating a safer working environment by reducing the possibility of human error.Smart warehouses enable companies not only to achieve the desired results, but also to increase reliability, reliability, and more importantly, predictability for processes.The smart warehouse then allows the "lights out" 24/7 operation if needed.
In the past, companies that rely on manpower can redistribute key personnel to other areas as needed.The SmartCart auto boot car is a very low-Tape cost-Guide the auto-guided vehicle, which can transport the finished pallet from the stretch packing operation to the AS/RS, shelf segment or floor segment area near the dock.SmartCart AGCs, which typically cost much less than conventional AGV, can serve as an alternative to performing similar work.
It is very flexible because all it takes to change the path is to reposition the tape attached to the surface of the warehouse floor and modify a simpleto-use Windows-Software based on SmartTools®, Which allows the customer to program the boot path.In addition, SmartCart AGC is ideal for transporting materials from production to warehouse.It is able to deliver the tray to an electric or gravity buffer conveyor.
Pallets may be taken to heights once deliveredLift storage or AS/RS to rack storage or dock for trailer loading.SmartLoader Automatic Trailer loading vehicles can stack pallets accurately and efficiently.In fact, the unmanned intelligent loader guided by the vehicle system manager has higher accuracy than the traditional forklift operation.
SmartLoader stores finished products on pallets, one of the most effective warehouse solutions recognized.Thanks to the flexibility of SmartLoader, it does not rely on fixed tracksGuided AS/RS machines limited to single aisles.SmartLoader is freeUse inertia or laser to guide the ranging machine traveling in the warehouse.
In addition, SmartLoader is able to deliver the finished pallet directly to the traditional excessivethe-road trailers.More notably, SmartLoader does not need to make any modifications to the trailer or dock board and can adapt to the trailer tilt.This makes the smart loader probably the most powerful tool created for the warehouse.
The intelligent loader vehicle system manager can integrate the Warehouse Management System (WMS) software.The SmartCart auto boot car and SmartLoader system are both easy to install and allow additional vehicles to be added as the demand increases.Both automatic vehicles can be operated separately or as partners to each other.
Conveyor is at the heart of thousands of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution businesses, providing unparalleled reliability in the most demanding environments.They are for point-to-Fixed-point movement of pallets and containers.Products such as gravity roller conveyor are widely used in unit load handling systems due to its simplicity, low unit cost and easy maintenance.
Gravity roller conveyor can be in the form of horizontal pushA line or gradient using gravity.AS/RS automatically stores and retrieves loads from defined storage locations.AS/RS improves the efficiency of standard and non-standard transportation, Buffering and sortingstandard loads.
It eliminates excessive and repeated treatment of materials, increases productivity, reduces inventory, increases production capacity in existing floor space, and reduces product losses.AS/RS systems can be built around rack systems, containers, and machines to optimize warehouse space.If density is a problem, but not a selective one, then the rack system may be the right choice.
Higher cost of rack systemMore efficient and easier to reconfigure than AS/RS.Racks allow higher stacking than floor storage and provide more storage space.Drive-in or drive-The racks can be designed to allow the forklift (halving the labor force) or the smart loader Automatic Trailer loading vehicle to handle two pallets at a time (doubling the system throughput ).
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