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by:Hengju     2019-06-28
Founded in 2009, the company is Samtech engineering and composite materials (P) Co., Ltd.As a manufacturer of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), has been meeting the needs of power and infrastructure, sugar mills, chemical, construction, automotive and general industries, manufacture Ferus and non-Ferus materials, rubber molded products and profiles according to customer standards and specifications.We have a young and dynamic team of engineers who have extensive experience in various industries.In addition to personalized and responsive customer support, the company offers flexible and innovative solutions.The factory is located in one of the "institutions said to have been attacked.A famous industrial city 15 km from Rio de Janeiro.The location of the factory and its proximity to Delhi provide additional strength for development.

The high-quality storage tanks we offer are used to store acid, alkali and solvent in large quantities.These features are not appreciated.Corrosive, light weight, long-lasting, leak-proof, low maintenance.

We offer our customers a high quality FRP grille that successfully meets the requirements of floors, trench covers, platforms, sidewalks and stairs.The grating has a high ability to resist corrosion, impact and UV rays.

We are manufacturing a variety of FRP cooling towers that have been independently verified with high rated thermal properties.Its design and manufacture takes into account a wide range of flow and temperature requirements.

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