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by:Hengju     2019-06-27
Packaging is the last step in production, the quality of the product packaging will affect the buyer while protecting the product.Packaging can also increase costs.Consumer goods manufacturers may be tempted to use a hot air gun for manual shrink packs and seals.This is suitable for small volume production environments or for environments where wholesalers have to redistribute products.
When it comes to mass production, the right choice is halfAutomatic or fully automatic production line that can be passed quickly.In semi-Products to be packaged by automatic or automatic equipment are moved through a Pulse seal sealing machine with a manual seal head.The L-The seals and tunnels are built on the same frame.
On the conveyor where the PVC or olefin shrink film receives heat to soften it, the sealing blade is responsible for sealing and then the packaged product is rolled out from the conveyor.Depending on the size of the tunnel and packaging, a typical machine can shrink about 15 packs per minute.In order to achieve maximum output and reduce waste, one has to choose a machine of the right size.
However, before selecting a device, it is necessary to understand the functions of an automatic or semi-automatic deviceautomatic line.The L-The sealers and tunnels are mounted on frames that may have casters to help the operator remove the machine when not in use.To ensure quality shrinkage, typical equipment is equipped with a heater switch, variable speed conveyor control, digital temperature control, and adjustable fan speed.
The conveyor belt is equipped with a Teflon mesh to prevent sticking together and the mesh allows the free flow of hot air.Bright windows allow operators to view the process and control the quality.The equipment may have constant and pulse sealing as well as hot knife sealing technology.
The tilt sealing table is a useful function that simplifies the transfer of the product.Depending on the product and end use, buyers can request optional additional features such as roller chain conveyors, pneumatic sealing arms, and power film deployment.The more options, the more confusing it is to choose a product that meets the requirements.
The machine must be simple in order to reduce maintenance costs, but it must be complex in order to achieve the highest production and cost savings.Determine the product to shrink the package and its size according to the throughput requirements.This will help buyers decide whether to choose a semi-automatic machine with a lower price or a fully automatic production line.
The shape of the product to be packaged is a determinant.Whether it is flexible or rigid, it is another.The product to be packaged can be a rectangular or square cube, or it can be a strange cube like corrugated cardboard and bottle.
Users using soft bag products need to be careful when selecting the final packaging line.The thickness of the film to be used is another aspect to consider.Well-designed and well-controlled complex equipment can repay the investment, as they allow the use of thinner film of specifications, thereby speeding up production and reducing waste.
The size of the tunnel is important because the size determines the time it takes to heat and shrink the film.Smaller ones can have hot spots, and more energy can be consumed than necessary.Air flow rate is another factor.Modern equipment has controllable airflow to suit the thickness and size of various types of film materials and packaging.
The controls here will reduce wrinkles on finished packaging.Shrink packaging film in roll form is available and the production line should have accessories to control tension.The equipment with vacuum control on the edge of the film has better effect and reduces waste.
Additional pneumatic supply may be required for automated production lines.If the user does not have a pneumatic supply line then he may find a halfAn automatic process that is more suitable for his purpose.For small size, light products, it is recommended to use automatic equipment for high-speed packaging.
The starting point for purchasing the most suitable equipment is to pick an expert who not only provides packaging machinery, but also deals in packaging materials
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