dry chemical powder transfer machine things you should know about fire suppression systems ...

by:Hengju     2019-06-23
This is one of the most common and beautiful things.Known fire fighting drugsYou can choose to install a manual or automatic sprinkler system at home or in the office.The automatic sprinkler is usually attached to a smoke or fire detector, which is triggered once the smoke, heat or flame is picked up.
On the other hand, the manual system is not connected to any alarm or detector and someone has to personally trigger the system to work.The fire requires oxygen to continue to spread, so the inert gas is a very effective fire extinguishing agent.These gases help to cut off the oxygen supply from the fire and put out the fire by choking it out.
These gases should be used with great care as they release dangerous purified nitrogen and ar.These gases are used in situations where water may cause further damage, for example, killing a fire in an area surrounded by electrical equipment.Two chemicals are used in the fire extinguishing systemWet Chemicals and dry chemicals.
Potassium carbonate, the most commonly used wet chemical, is found in fire extinguishers.This is one of the safest fire fighting options.Baking soda is the best --Known dry chemicals, it is a powder that is thrown on fire.
It is also very safe for people.
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