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by:Hengju     2019-06-24
The pressure regulator is the valve that controls the compressor airflow.This valve specifies the amount of pressure or pounds per square inch (PSI) of air.Noise from the regulator indicates air leakage or blockage.
Power off the air compressor.
Pull the pressure release valve and release the air pressure.The valve is a small metal and plastic valve near the compressor outlet valve.Find the nut of the fitting at the bottom of the pressure regulator.
Turn the nut counter-Clockwise with a wrench.Keep turning the nut until you can remove it by hand.Disconnect the pressure regulator from the air compressor.
Check the thread on the connection to see if there is Teflon tape.If it does not exist, wrap the thread with Teflon tape.Re-insert the pressure regulator into the air compressor.
Tighten the nut of the accessory with a wrench.Turn on the air compressor and let it form pressure in the tank.Check whether the noise of the pressure regulator disappears as usual by using an air compressor.
Loosen the nut under the knob with a wrench and remove the adjustment knob at the top of the pressure regulator.Remove the knob of the pressure regulator and the top part.Lubricate the rubber gasket on the regulator assembly with air tool oil.
Reconnect the top of the pressure regulator and the adjustment knob
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