flow of air is your mass air flow sensor maf working properly ...

by:Hengju     2019-06-23
Does your vehicle show unnecessary actions such as shaking, tapping, flameout, unstable engine performance, check engine lights on the dashboard;Consume more fuel and make the mileage worse?Well, then it's time to wake up because it's an amazing symptom of deterioration of your vehicle's quality air flow sensor.Depending on the type of vehicle, the shape of the sensor may vary, but the operation is the same regardless of the type.Before entering a deeper layer, first take a look at some basic concepts about sensors.
Mass air flow sensors are used to discover the air quality that enters the fuelInjection internal combustion engine.The engine control unit (ECU) balances and provides the engine with the air quality information required for the correct fuel quality.When the air expands and shrinks with temperature and pressure, it changes the density.
In automotive applications, air density changes with the use of ambient temperature, height, and turbochargers, ideal for mass sensors.If you need further explanation, the chemical metrology and ideal gas will explain the deeper concepts better.There are two common types of mass airflow sensors used on car engines.
This is the blade watch and hotline.
Neither design has the technology to measure air quality directly.The mass air flow sensor is very sensitive.Generally, the MAF (mass air flow sensor) is installed in the cleaning box of the vehicle and connected to the computer through the harness.
Once the mounting bolts and harness are removed, the entire sensor can be completely unplugged.The size of the sensor is not that large.It is a small device with two wires exposed.When the car is driving, the wire heats up, so the MAF measures the airflow by detecting the speed at which the airflow cools the wire temperature.
Cleaning these wires with a MAF cleaner or an electric contact cleaner and keeping the MAF dry is the best way to clean this sensitive instrument.Once dry, it can be reinstalled and the car can start again.If engine performance is restored or checked-engine-Soon the lights went out and MAF was probably dirty and not bad.
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