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by:Hengju     2019-06-26
The increase in dust, smoke and smoke content can make it difficult to work in an industrial environment.If there are not enough curtains at the door, there is a danger of being contaminated when workers and materials pass.This is where strong and flexible PVC stripe curtains appear, as they are an economical and efficient way to prevent contaminants from entering work or storage areas, while also allowing free movement of people and materials.
For example, in a warehouse, trucks loaded with materials often enter the warehouse so that it is normal to unload and pick up the goods.It is very ineffective to have a normal entrance door in such a place, as it requires additional personnel to manage it while cutting off the natural circulation of the air.If PVC stripe curtains are installed at the door, then there is no need for personnel to control the door, because the curtains are flexible enough to allow the forklift and truck to pass through, so they are free to go in and out.
Due to the flexible structure and form of the curtains, they are also not easily damaged and durable for a long time.Plastic strip curtains are also useful when you need to keep the best area temperature throughout the yearWarm in winter and cool in summer.Since people want to load materials, the cold room is often very busy, and bringing curtains is a good way to get people around freely, and cold air is not allowed to escape outside.
Stripe curtains also help to reduce electricity bills as they can keep the temperature adjusted while allowing easy access to the space for forklifts and trucks.Stripe curtains Direct offers a wide range of PVC stripes and PVC curtains for use in different areas such as refrigeration, coolers, food processing plants and data centers.In winter, the stripe curtain does not allow the internal heat to leak out, which means that the internal temperature is always maintained at the best level.
This helps to ensure that the workforce works in a comfortable environment while significantly reducing heating and electricity bills.The range of striped curtains provided directly by striped curtains includes: Standard Grade, cold storage polarity grade, heavy strip on sidewalk and doorway, allowing forklift and vehicle access, special strip curtains for special purposes, such as temperature control and welding work.Strips can be customized according to requirements and are easy to obtain.
They also feature cost-effective, durable and easy to replace when needed
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