how to clean the inside of a dryer Is 'green' hydrogen northern Tasmania's next export industry?

by:Hengju     2019-06-27
The concept of "hydrogen economy" in 1972xa0The first was proposed by a professor at Flinders University in South Australia.The only problem is that the idea happens when the energy system is highly carbon and the energy needed --From fossil fuelsIt's not feasible to produce hydrogen.Work hard for its clean ideal.It needs a rich and cheap future of renewable energy and a future where the economy recognizes the urgent need to go to carbon dioxide.
It's time now.
Global renewable energy costs have fallen sharply since the beginning of 2018Including the wind cost further fell by 10 per cent, the feasibility of the surge in dispatching energy systems such as pumping water and electricity.At the same time, the state government and the Commonwealth government have identified hydrogen as the possibility of Australia's important new export industry, providing impetus for Japan and South Korea's demand for a clean hydrogen economy.The production of hydrogen is by obtaining water sources and electrolysis by using redundant renewable energy sources, separating hydrogen from oxygen to create a portable energy source for similar uses to LNG.
But instead of generating carbon for the atmosphere, hydrogen burns as water vapor.South Australia is in the leading position in R & D and is currently conducting a hydrogen demonstration project.Gladstone in Queensland is identified as a potential hub for renewable energy in AustraliaHydrogen industry.
But with the development of the country and the Marinus program, the state of Tasmania cannot be discounted for playing its part --The state just needs to make sure it's not left behind.John Pitt, chairman of North Tower State Development, said Bell Bay is an ideal place for "green"xa0Hydrogen production facilities have been established using deep sea ports, industrial history in the region, drinking water supply and excess renewable energy sources in the state of Tasmania."Our first chance to realize hydrogenxa018 months ago, since then, we have tried to defend the government's early investment ,"xa0He said.
"The Commonwealth has been aware of the potential of hydrogen for decades."The world market is developing at a faster pace, so the demand for hydrogen for export is forming, and in the next 10 years, it may become very large and will eventually be as large as our natural gas LNG exports.The current technology allows the production of 1 kg hydrogen with 9 liters of water and 50,000 tons of facilities per year-Recommended by NTDC for Bell Bay-The same amount of water will be used in a town of 6500 people.
The availability and availability of renewable energy for electrolysis in Bell Bay is not a problem either.Labor has pledged $250,000 to fund a business case in North Tasmania.It has been identified as one of Australia's three clean hydrogen production areas.
Energy spokesman Pat Conroy said the study could be completed by the end of this year, but belbey seems to have been hooked on all the boxes."You can get pumping water and electricity through the country's batteries, and you can also get rich water resources," he said, "you have a deep water port where you can export hydrogen to the rest of the world. ".A report by the Australian government council in 2018 discussed the recognized potential of hydrogen as an export industry.
It found that the current global demand for hydrogen energy is only 1 million tons.However, according to conservative estimates, it will grow to 8 million tons by 2030 and 35 million tons by 2040."By 2025, Australia may export about 137,000 tons of hydrogen each year, about 500,000 tons by 2030, about 1 ton.
The report said: "By 2040, the output was 4 million tons .""Japan, South Korea and China may be key markets.Australia has already provided nearly half of South Korea's LNG imports and Japan's LNG imports, but the efficiency of hydrogen has increased.
Transportation is a key userStanford University has found that the "niche application" of hydrogen is already cost-competitive.Nicolas Motors plans to produce a hydrogenpowered semi-Commercial Trailers in 2020 can travel on a tank of hydrogen until 1900.The ACT government is importing 20 hydrogen-A car that refuel with 1.
25 MW hydrogen electrolysis device.
The COAG report found that the Tasman government was "very interested in emerging energy technologies ".The plans will contain hydrogen, Pitt said."One of their departments has a group that is working on potential in parallel and collaborative ways with the National Battery and the Marinus project, he said.
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