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The purpose of this article is to demonstrate several specific ways in which philosophy can be used to make health decisions.There is an idea every week of the year: 1.Responsibility—Be responsible for yourself.You are the master of your own healthy destiny.2.Philosophy—How can I get to my destination without the correct health roadmap?Evaluate all life choices with the knowledge that you are a natural creature, designed to live in nature.Moving from this roadmap to the least unhealthy.3.Prevention—Prevention is not a vaccine, pill, or test --up.Obey your genetic design as much as possible so that when the disease happens, you can know that you have done your best.4.Illness—The first thing to do when you are sick is to stop eatingfour to thirty-six hours.The digestion of food requires the attention of the immune system, transferring the strength and energy required by the body to fight disease and cure.Drink a large amount of alkaline water at room temperature or heated (see #6 ).Don't eat carbs when fast food is broken.Infections thrive in carbohydrates and the acidic environment they create.Take probiotics (see #11) supplements and antioxidant supplements immediately after the most serious part of the disease has passed.5.Injury—Heat is a super therapist.Heat is life, cold is death.Heat the entire body or body part to speed up recovery.Use cold only for the first few hours after the body part was injured.Practice the part as soon as possible without excessive pain.Heating and exercise can improve circulation, bring healing elements to injuries, speed up their activity, and transport debris, toxins, and pathogen carcasses away.For the damage of excessive use, rest for a period of time can not be replaced.
6.Water—Try to drink 3-4 quarts of pure water per day (preferably alkaline ).Do this, whether thirsty.Drink a little more sweat.Finish everything before dinner so you don't have to run to the bathroom all night.Squeeze out fresh lemon juice in the water to help reverse the acidemia, which is available to almost everyone in modern society and is the root, underlying cause of the disease (1-2).Don't wash off the food with water.This can lead to overeating and inhibit digestion.7.Processed oils—Avoid hydrogenation and all other heat treated oils as much as possible.The hydrogenation oil is toxic, and the hot working oil is oxidized, which also makes them toxic.The best choice for cooking is natural, more heatStable saturated fat such as butter, oil such as coconut, palm, sesame and olive.8.Sun—The sun is not an enemy. it is the energy that makes up all life.It has a vital impact on emotions, immunity, overall health and vitality.Try to expose as much skin to the sun every day for at least 30 minutes or so.Under the Sun, the skin has synthesized the most important vitamin/hormone in the body-vitamin D.Do not get burned because it will cause genetic damage to the skin.Use natural sunscreen, sunshades and clothing to prevent excessive exposure.Use sun-Imitation, allSpectrum lighting in the home.9.Cosmetics and personal care productsRead the label.If the ingredients are not edible in principle, do not use them.Skin absorption is similar to that of the intestines.10.Living food—Make raw food a major part of the diet.Other creatures on Earth eat this, why not learn from their wisdom?If you eat cooked or processed food, supplement it with a food enzyme, so the enzyme-devoid, foods.11.Probiotics—Supplement diet with probiotic cultures, eat foods such as yogurt (nonSugar) and other culture and fermentation products.These friendly bacteria can fight against pathogens, improve immunity, and synthesize vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients.They are destroyed or out of balance with the use of antibiotics and drugs.There are more microorganisms in the intestines than the total number of cells in the body.Cultivate the right people with these 52 principles and train them appropriately.
12.Vitamins and MineralsTake full-spectrum supplements every day.Modern factory agriculture and food processing reduce these nutrients in the food supply.The pressure of modern life has also increased our needs.It turns out that a larger dose than the dose included in the average diet can prevent and reverse some diseases.13.Antioxidants—Replenish antioxidants (at least vitamin A, C and E) and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.The huge oxidation (acid) burden of modern life on the body needs to be offset.14.Organic and free range-The food raised in this way has higher nutrients and lower toxin content.This way of breeding is more sustainable and environment-friendly.By moving the dollar into the hands of people with vision and conscience, a message was sent to the industrial petrochemical farm.Free-The food series is more nutritious (following the principle of #2) and more humanized.A clear choice.15.Nontoxic home—Choose home building materials and cleaning supplies with minimal toxicity.16.Lab tests—Avoid Medical Tests unless there are obvious problems and the tests will vary in terms of effective treatment.With the pressure of worry, false positives will disappear;When the disease continues to grow, false Yin will make a person happy.Also, if you feel healthy, be very skeptical about any tests that try to tell you in a different way, and of course hesitate to start a dangerous medical intervention based on it.17.Clinical tests—Do not think that examinations such as prostate, colon and breast examination are necessary.They are unproven, not "preventive.They put a person in a medical factory and shifted their attention from where it belongs: control their healthy destiny.(This ‘anti-Medical advice will make more sense after the next section.) 18.Variety—Eat all kinds of food, but not every meal.Diversity reduces the chance of toxicity and broadens the range of nutrients.There is no need to get every nutrition in the universe for every meal.Relax and your body has reserves.Try not to exceed two categories for one meal.Dinner, meat and salad, for example.19.Cooking—Do as little as possible.Heat is the enemy of nutrition.When cooking, use high temperature to save the most nutritional value in a short time.Quick BBQ, double contact table top grill and new steam oven are good options.20.Dairy—If you choose to eat dairy products, eat raw, non-rawHomogenization and non-homogenizationIf you can find pasteurized milk, cheese and yogurt.If not, eat whole-fat yogurt.Some people have found a dairy farm where they can buy part of the cows and then legally get raw whole milk from there.21.Omega-3 fatty acids—The modern diet lacks this important fatty acid.To increase them, eat more cold water fish (if they are not rich in mercury or other toxins), wild meat, grass --Feed meat, raw vegetables and nuts.Replenishing fatty acids is also a good idea to make up for the deficit, but make sure they are of the highest quality, properly protected with natural antioxidants, kept in the refrigerator and not affected by light and air.22.Dental health—The sick gums and teeth can infect the body and inhibit the immune system.To keep the teeth clean, dental surgery that destroys or removes the structure of the teeth is not allowed unless there is no choice.If it needs to be repaired, do not use toxic mercury/Silver mercury alloy;Instead of porcelain or gold, find a dentist who understands this.Find an overall dentist using new technologies such as teethSave laser23.Vaccines—Avoid them.Health is the best immunity.If taken, the variety of oral or nasal kills is the most natural and safe.Do not believe in the promotion of influenza vaccines that have been shown to be ineffective by research (3-4).Use natural supplements with scientifically proven immune stimulation and anti-pathogen properties such as selenium, quercetin, tumeric, echin chrysanthemum, astragalus, bur root, Golden Lotus, vitamin D and probioticsReplenishing water with a gallon of alkaline water every day has Wonders in preventing and reversing infection (5-6).
24.Medicine-Avoid symptom-Based on drugs, if possible.Eliminating Symptoms does not cure the disease, and there are too many potential adverse side effects.There is no disease that is caused by a lack of medication, so the medication cannot be the answer (7 ).25.Radiation—Avoid it if possible.All radiation is harmful and cumulative (8 ).26.Don’t diet—Just change your food, eating habits and lifestyle.This will solve the weight problem automatically.Do not eat a meal unless due to physical exertion.Eating is not entertainment, it is immoral to eat more than you deserve (as explained in the next chapter ).27.Eat less—Eating less can prolong your life longer than almost anything else you can do.Don't eat unless you're hungry, don't stop when the feeling of satiety begins.28.Avoid sugar—Refined sugar is an unnatural food that is addictive and toxic.29.Avoid grains—Cereals are an unnatural food (their raw material form is toxic) and their refined white flour form is just another form of sugar.If you eat, the whole grain is more nutritious.The sprouted grain is the healthiest form, because germination converts the grain into vegetables and can even be eaten raw.30.Avoid hospital and doctor's officeThere are more diseases and deaths in this environment than healing.Apart from emergencies, please stay away and learn how to take care of yourself.31.Nurse infants—Breasts are the source of health, not just the decorations of adults.Formula milk powder is the originator of all junk food.The children who grew up on it suffered countless pains all their lives.Even the incidence of blurred diseases like myopia (myopia) is reduced by breastfeeding.32.Circumcision—Just say no.Circumcision is a functional aspect of cutting and removing the penis.If you have cut the foreskin, learn not to cut the foreskin (restore the foreskin ).Those who did so began to understand what had been lost.33.Four kinds of white poisonWhite flour, sugar, processed oil and refined salt are unnatural and nutritiousDivest toxins.Avoid them, or replace them with their completely natural counterparts.34.Sunscreens—Do not use a synthetic version unless there is no other option.They allow excessive exposure and potential skin damage.If there is a danger of burning, cover with clothes, seek a shade, and limit the sun until it adapts.35.Sleep—At least seven to eight hours of sleep or closed-eyed rest a day is essential.If insomnia is a problem, exercise more during the day.If you can't maintain sleep at night, be sure to take a nap during the day.36.Nap—Take a mid-A lively nap.Even a few minutes will have a huge impact on the rest of the day.37.Timing—Morning is usually the best time for mental activity and afternoon is the best time for physical activity.Listen to your own rhythm and obey.38.Nature—Try to go out once a day.Take a vacation in nature.The mind and body need to rejuvenate by regularly re-recognizing where we come from.39.Serious illnessAct now to stop it.If you are suffering from diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, reflect on how you are causing the disease.Don't surrender to a medical machine.Get many opinions, study hard and study all alternative therapies.Give an opportunity to acupuncture, herbs, natural diet, homeopathy, natural therapy, and other natural therapies.Alternative medicine is at least trying to address the cause, a branch of traditional medicine that focuses on naming and classifying diseases and treating their symptoms (11 ).40.Beverages—Avoid them like plagues.Things like soft drinks (including fruit drinks) can be addictive, they can become acidic and can cause damage to sugar and chemicals.Drink water.If you chew too much, the juice is the whole fruit and vegetables.41.Glasses—Avoid them before there are other options.Glasses, like crutches, weaken the organs that need strength.Explore ways to improve your eyesight.(There are several methods available.Search the internet under "natural visual improvement.") Consider using pinhole glasses to relax your eyes and make it more natural to have a closer look.For reading and computer work.42.Don’t be silly—Smoking, drinking, taking drugs, not wearing a seat belt and standing on top of a ladder are all invitations to disaster.Do common sense and give life and health the best chance.43.Local foods—Regardless of the climate, the food grown there is the healthiest for local residents.The tropical food is the best, and the Northern food is the best for the cold.44.100% complete—Don't be fooled.Talk is cheap.No one knows how to make 100% complete food because no one has a 100% complete understanding of nutrition or our biology.45.Swimming pools—The skin is an absorbing organ.Unless you think it's a good idea to cycle through your blood using a lot of chlorine (a powerful antioxidant), algae remover and pigment, find natural water or swimming pools that have been treated with ozone, UV or otherwise maintained.If you use a chlorine pool, please limit the time and take a thorough shower after that.46.House plants—Many kinds.They filter the air and produce oxygen, adding vitality to the family.47.Fat and cholesterolEat it as long as it is not over-heated.Natural fats, oils and cholesterol (which the body makes every day to produce hormones and other healthy biochemistry) are the main sources of energy.If dietary carbohydrates are replaced in calories by fat and protein (not that you should count calories), the body stores less fat, it is more inclined to burn the fat that is trying to hide in those chubby little rolls.
48.Ventilate—Bring fresh air to the House and drain the old one.Use a heat exchange device to capture heat.Fresh indoor air using negative ion generators and filters.Use a central vacuum system that emits exhaust gas to the outside.49.Fever—Fever is the mechanism by which the body destroys pathogens and accelerates immune response.So why run aspirin to lower the temperature so that the pathogen can multiply?Believe in nature, not pharmaceutical companies.50.Food for age—Young and old people have the highest requirements for quality food.Supplements and nutrient-intensive foods with high protein and trace nutrients are critical for young people because of their growth needs, and for older people, because of their reduced ability to absorb nutrients.51.Garbage—Judge health by garbage.The more compost you make (vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts, eggs and dairy products), the healthier you will be.The more processed food packaging waste on the roadside, the worse health is expected.52.Birthday suit—We are not born, nor are we dressed.Stay in the least needed place.No matter where you won't be arrested, take every opportunity, like in bed, full body sun and air bath.You will notice that healthy choices are often not in line with conventional wisdom, business interests and popular practices.To be correct by focusing on your natural genetic roots and the principles of problem solving, you must be wrong --self-Responsibility, open thinking, long-lastingTerm point of view, moral intent, evidence and justification.When faced with the great pressure, propaganda and danger of modern medical machines, it is especially important to control your own healthy destiny.1.Sebastian, A., et al.Estimate of net acid load of ancestral preagricultural Homo sapiens and their human ancestral diets.Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 76 (2001), 1308-1316.
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