industrial central vacuum system home automation: it is worth the investment

by:Hengju     2019-06-26
In a recent survey,Thirty out of 400 AmericansS.The asked builders provide their homes with computer networks, structured cabling, and central vacuum systems.Programmable thermostats, safety systems, and zoning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are the most common products.The logo for home automation seems to be everywhere.Today's home builders want to include at least some advanced technology in their homes.Therefore, programmable thermostats, safety systems, and zoning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are the most common products.When considering which facilities are the most important to sell a house, the builder believes that the large kitchen, the spacious main bathroom and the building elements are the highest, and the security system and computer network are closely followed.Even before the actual home building began, the technical capabilities were already integrated into the development, so eventually homeowners could guarantee a digital lifestyle.Home automation is popular.Initially, a few years ago, a small number of builders began to focus on digital infrastructure in the home by adding basic structured cabling and entertainment systems.Today, multi-Room sound system, computer network and home automation have become essential equipment.Like the washer and dryer a few decades ago, there are appliances.More and more homeowners now want to be able to do more-program lights, control shades, monitor the front door, activate the sprinkler system, turn on the central vacuum cleaner and disinfect the pool with chlorine from anywhere in the house.As homeowners become more aware of the benefits of home automation, the trend of home automation is spreading rapidly across the country.The Education of homeowners has improved, and consumers' awareness of electronic products has also increased.Integration will definitely occur between different residential disciplines-meaning security, telephone, cable, satellite, audio, home theater, home automation, personal computer networks.The origin of this technology trend can be traced back to having multiple computers at home.In essence, this creates the demand for computer networks, based on structured wiring, and begins the technological revolution of the family.The revolution is completely effective.With structured cabling, home entertainment servers can guide many features in the house, such as opening and closing curtains or blinds, and operating air conditioning/heating controls and smart appliances.Consumers will be demanding-just as there are water pipes and heating in your house, the structured cabling system will be the standard subsystem of the house.To meet the needs of consumers, contractors are increasingly aware of the new installation and configuration aspects of their business.All kinds of fancy things have to lay the foundation at home.Once you start to make consumers aware of some of the products and things they can do at home, once they realize that the cost is at leastThey usually use wires.Honeywell Home automatic thermostat Honeywell International Co., Ltd.The VisionPRO 8000 programmable thermostat is highly praised for its simple operation and innovation.VisionPRO is the winner of the annual 2005 Architectural Technology Product Award from Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consultancy.Its design guides homeowners through the programming process with usersfriendly, on-Screen menus and flashing touch screens reduce the need for user manuals.The product also has 10-square-Inch, clear touch screen display, convenient-to-Read the current temperature, set the temperature and program the current time.Backlight makes the display more readable under any lighting conditions.Besides, a realThe clock holds time during power failure and is automatically updated for daylight, universal compatibility enables the configuration to be used on almost any application.
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