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by:Hengju     2019-06-25
In order to make it easier for humans to work and reduce the risk of current events in dangerous jobs, many researchers and scientists are working hard to develop and modify existing industrial robots.Robots are widely used in most fields, and they are also used in daily life.Robots have slowly become an important part of life.
The use and importance of these versatile and dynamic structures cannot be ignored.More specifically, robots can be defined as machines that can perceive environmental parameters and work autonomously.e.Once work is started, no input provided by humans is used.
It involves and includes the research of the design, manufacture and operation of electronic equipment.Mechanical equipment that can be controlled or guided by computer programs or electronic circuits.Industrial robots are an area of research on the design and research of robots (officially robots) used in industrial manufacturing processes.
Find a variety of applications for them, such as welding, assembly, grab and place, ironing, product testing and inspection, painting.All of this work is done with high speed, precision and speed..Joint robots can be simply defined as robots with rotating joints.
The structure can go from two simple enough connection structures to ten or more interactive connection structures.The arrangement of the joint is carried out in the form of a chain, so that one joint can support the other joint.Electric power, including electric motors, is also provided in different ways.
The number of joints of this special robot depends on the two factors of their design and special functions.The number of rotating joints is included in the articulated robot in order to provide a full range and precise movement.Usually, articulated robots are used on the production line.
Teach robots to walk.
In addition, joints in joint robots can also be programmed in such a way that they can interact to provide a higher level of control for robot systems.For the long-distance heavy-duty crane gantry robot, its use is very considerable.The gantry robot system is flexible and can be adjusted according to the usage.
A manipulator is installed on the overhead system, which allows the horizontal movement of the manipulator.They are also called linear robots or Descartes robots.The most basic use of linear robots is to pick and place heavy objects from one place to another, but it also has another industrial application such as welding and drilling.
Their structure is different from that of other robots.This very useful robot is stationary and contains at least three elements of movement.SCARA is the abbreviation for Selective Compliance Assembly of robot arms.
The work package provided by SCARA is round.The work package line can be defined as the range of motion of the robot.The round envelope gives it extra flexibility and can be built in a smaller range.
The four-axis motion is the reason for its circular motion.It is very useful in industrial applications such as in picking and dropping, packaging and assembly applications
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