industrial robot programming Star architect has designs on robotics

by:Hengju     2019-06-22
Originally from Canberra, he spent some time at tazhou University during his undergraduate degree and returned to the state this week as a guest speaker at the University's Australian timber design workshop.He specializes in the use of computers and robots in architecture and design, and teaches at some of the world's most famous universities.'I realize that by programming, you're going to be more explicit about allowing these things to interact with each other,' said Pigram.
"As a student, I was here to attend the first ever UTAS timer design workshop.At the end of last year, the university's School of Architecture received an industrial robot arm that users could program to create specific designs with a variety of materials.He said: "The beauty of robots is that they are like an arm with no hands, and every time you want to do something, you have to basically create a new custom hand.
"It doesn't have anything specific that it wants to do, so you're obligated to have it do something very specific for your purpose."We're starting to have feedback loops with sensors so you can understand the behavior and reaction of the material.As the construction industry continues to move towards a greener future, Pygram says he enjoys the opportunity to visit the university he was initially inspired.
"I think the spirit here is great and everyone can come in and do things," he said ."The Australian timber design workshop is an 11-Design and Build Day projects in the timber pavilion using digital processes
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