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by:Hengju     2019-06-25
Research Report on "mobile robot market scale, industry prospect, Regional Analysis"S., Germany, UK, Italy, Russia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa), application development, competitive environment and Forecast, 2016-2024 ", the global mobile robot market size is expected to grow at a double-digit compound growth rate in the predicted time.Advances in technology to commercialize automated vehicles, as well as increased adoption by military and defense departments, are expected to drive the mobile robot market.
The main application areas of these equipment include agriculture, transportation, inspection, maintenance, construction, medical department, etc.For example, farmers use them to perform different tasks, including harvesting, weeding and collecting crop data.The advancement, simplicity and increasing reliance on driverless work of sensors for navigation have had a positive impact on the global mobile robot market.
A favourable financing environment, the presence of sensor manufacturers, robot manufacturers, automation system providers, software developers, manufacturing companies, and an increase in the application space will drive revenue growth.In 2015, ABB launched the world's first collaborative industrial mobile robot, Yumei robot, to communicate with humans.WiBotic is developing a machine with wireless battery charging facilities that can be used for mobile, air and water robots.
In 2016, about 24,000 robots were ordered from North American companies, indicating a 7% increase in the number.North America is estimated to be the third country to use robots after Japan and China.This tendency is due to the fact that leading automation companies are reaching out to small and medium-sized companies.
The size of the mobile robot market is a key driver of North American revenue.Request in-Small-scale industries lack awareness of emerging technologies and skills to use them effectively, and the high cost of these devices and tools is expected to hinder the growth of the mobile robot market.If a company uses multiple robots and not just one device, this will require higher performance efficiency related to the degree of automation.
The higher installation base will bring new problems and deal with them, including map building, covering the whole area, Maze solving, etc.In order to use these devices safely and effectively, the focus of the industry is still higher control.Smart Mobile robots are replacing fixed control products in many industries.
Rising labor costs, as well as greater demand for productivity and quality, have led to higher applications that have driven the development of the mobile robot market.It turns out that collaboration and coordination between people and machines will have a huge advantage over venture capital and corporate research spending.Manufacturers not only focus on specific markets, but also extend their use to most industries and applications.
The global market for mobile robots is subdivided based on components, navigation, applications and regions.It is based on components and is divided into two categories: hardware and software.In addition, the navigation is divided into unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles.
End use includes on-site applications, coating and dispensing, warehousing and logistics, painting and painting, home, entertainment, etc.Based on product features, prices, customized solutions, and services provided, global competition between companies in the mobile robot market remains fierce.ABB, Yaskawa Motoman robot Kuka Robot Co., Ltd.Is one of the key players in the industry.
The famous companies also include Denso Corporation, Epson America, Adept Technology, Nachi robot system, Kawasaki Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.General Robotics and Mitsubishi Electric.Next-generation development requires greater flexibility and mobility in order to use multiple robots in the same work area.The strategy adopted by the R & D department to improve efficiency is high-precision mapping, coordinating multiple robots installed in the same workplace, and making developing countries a leader in global manufacturing.
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