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by:Hengju     2019-06-27
Plastics are non-syntheticMetal compounds.Vinyl can be molded into various forms and hardened for commercial use.Plastic products can be easily seen.Plastic products we use such as fountains, protective caps, bottles, toys, kitchen utensils, accessories and so on.
We can't imagine the world without plastic solutions.The mouse and keyboard can also be shaped in plastic.The plastic seat you sit in is also made with the same procedure.
The process is simple.
Insert the molten liquid plastic into molds such as plastic cans.It is then left to heat and then ready for the final product.These molds are used to make a variety of plastic products such as cabinets, obstacles, barricades, traffic signs, garden pots and so on.
You should know different programs if you want to start a plastic molding program.Choose one of the plastic molding processes based on your finances, resources and experience.There are many plastic molding methods below.
The air pressure is used for the blow molding process of dividing the molten plastic into a mold cavity.This approach is used to createSuch as a hollow plastic cargo of containers and bottles.Discount molded items are often used in consumer beverages, and producers organize a large number of creations.
The procedure for starting the manufacture of pipe molten plastic is called the blank.The comparison is exaggerated in the last form.The shape blank is formed by extrusion or injection molding.
Manufacturers use extrusion blow molding to process highProduction of plastic bottles.This method is automatic, combined with surgery such as filling and labeling.The blown container must be hard.Rigidity depends on different factors such as the depth of the wall.
The extrusion blow molding process includes the following measures.Extruded blank.Cut the type blank at the top, seal at the bottom, and the two halves of the mold are combined together.After inflating the plastic pipe, take out the outline of the mold cavity.
Open the mold and eliminate the final item.The injection blow molding procedure includes the injection blank instead of the extrusion mold.The production speed is lower than the extrusion process.
Measures have been taken in this process.
Injection-The mold of the blank around a blow rod.Move the blank to blow molding.Inflate the soft polymer into the mold.Open the mold and remove the item.Manufacturers use injection blow molding variants called stretch blow molding.In this method, the blow rod extends down to the injection molded blank, which stretches the plastic and makes the plastic more stressed than the conventional injection molding.
The end product is more inflexible, more transparent and more influential --resistant.PET is the most commonly used substance in plastic injection molding.PET is polyester fiber, lower permeability, stretchingblow-The molding procedure gives strength and it is perfect for containers that produce carbonated drinks.
Polyethylene (PE) is the perfect choice for blow molding processes because of its high density and large reduction in molecular weight.The rotating mold or the rolling mold make use of the gravity inside the mold to make the hollow type.This technique is also used instead of blow molding to make large hollow forms.
This can be used for thermoplastic polymers, but it is more common today for hot and elastic materials.For more complex external geometry, large parts, and reduced production, the rotational molding is much better than blow molding.There are the following measures for the Rotomoulding process.
First load the predetermined amount of plastic powder into some broken mold cavity.Heat and rotate the mold on both vertical axes so that the powder can cover the inner surface of the mold and make sure you produce a uniform depth coating.Open the mold and remove the ready product.
The speed in the process is slow.
This is done with gravity rather than brute force, and it also covers the surface of the mold.The Rotomoulding process is simpler and cheaper than injection molding and blow molding.However, the manufacturing cycle takes about 10 minutes.
In order to reduce the time, there are three-channel forming machines.First Station --In this passage, unload the final cargo from the cavity and load the powder to the next step.Station 2-Where is the heating Channel hot-As the temperature rises, the air convection heats the mold and rotates indoors to 375o C depending on the polymer and the substance.
Third Station -The next channel is the cooling channel, cooling the mold with cold air or water spray to solidify the vinyl molding indoors.The goods are made of rotating molds.Toys, boat and kayak hull, sandbox, small pool, float and other floating products, truck body parts, car dashboard, fuel tank.Furniture, trash cans, stylish mannequin, containers, storage tanks, etc.
High-The plastic molding method is a technical procedure that everyone can't carry out.It requires knowledge of different materials and knowledge of the procedures at each stage.So it's wise to check the company and promote your end product.
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