jaw crusher parts factor that restricting raymond mill development ...

by:Hengju     2019-06-28
With the vigorous research and development of energy-saving Raymond mill equipment, this series of mining machines that are really used in manufacturing and production have not been popularized and promoted.What are the factors that lead to this situation?One of the main factors restricting energy development --Saving Raymond Mill is not all stop using the traditional grinding machine.Of course, if you want to make the perfect combination of energy-saving machines and previously invested machines, mining machinery manufacturing enterprises need to pay attention to the beneficial combination of receiving and improving existing Raymond grinding machines.
Because of investment and application.
energy-Saving equipment can lead to serious environmental pollution, and now we can draw the conclusion that we can not only focus on industrial manufacturing, but not on what is happening in the outside world.According to the data collected by the Red Star machinery research and development department, the engine configured in the existing old crushing engineering products is installed on the product when the new machine is up and down from the assembly line, the carbon dioxide emissions of jaw crusher are much higher than the existing industrial standards.The hydraulic system used in old mechanical products has problems with gas release and oil leakage, which is also one of the factors that lead to environmental pollution and waste of resources.
Although these accessories can be replaced, the cost will be very high if the customer removes all the hydraulic systems for maintenance.In fact, if we analyze it carefully, we will find that if we completely replace the contaminated spare parts during the work process, we will not be able to fundamentally save costs.Analysis of relevant technical personnel of Hongxing machinery R & D Engineering Department, in order to fundamentally solve this problem, we must solve the emission problem, starting from the drive system that has not yet received the attention of the crushing equipment manufacturing company.
The sales amount of engineering products is high, but compared with the whole engineering industry, it is not very important.For this reason, the research and development focus of jaw crusher manufacturing enterprises should be on the engineering industry with relatively stable working environment.Therefore, to solve the problem of energy saving and consumption reduction of engineering equipment, only the cooperation of two or more industries can we succeed.
Experts from the industry stressed that on the issue of energy conservation and consumption reduction, enterprises should actively think and not blindly pursue the plan of compound driving force.After all, engineering equipment is not a broken toy. relying on power operation is just a matter of expediency.
every way that can promote energy conservation and energy consumption is worth encouraging.Hongxing machinery believes that if mining machinery manufacturing enterprises want to gain more profit margins,Raymond mill series is your ideal choice
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