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by:Hengju     2019-06-28
With the development of China and the increase of engineering projects, natural gravel is facing the pressure of scarcity of resources.People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of artificial gravel.The artificial sand mainly comes from the processing of natural ore.
Ore processing can be used for construction, paving, bonsai filling, as highHigh-quality materials for sewage treatment projects also provide raw materials for ceramics, paper and precision castings.Road construction is divided into gravel concrete aggregate and road gravel.However, there are great differences in rock strength, weathering degree and impurity gravel.
In addition to limestone, some rocks are also mixed with impurities such as mud shale and sand body.Rock quality and impurities directly affect the overall quality of gravel, which puts forward higher technical requirements and standards for processing products of gravel processing plants.The main problems existing in the actual production of the gravel factory are small, the gravel sieve and sieve do not meet the specifications, and the gravel factory lacks Flake content and aggregate output in addition to dust removal equipment, grading does not meet the requirements of large dust content.
The treatment of these problems has a great impact on the quality of finished materials.These stone crusher, Dawn heavy industry research and development on the basis of the ordinary crusher, designed to make the broken things difficult, the impurities of the ore crusher design jaw crusher.The jaw crusher consists of the activities of the frame, the eccentric shaft, the large pulley, the flywheel, the moving jaw, the side guard plate, the toggle plate, the support back, the adjustment gap screw, the reset spring, the fixed jaw plate and the jaw plate.
In insurance, which grade also has a role.Due to its unique composition and depth of crushing chamber and no dead zone, it is able to feed, increasing its crushing output;Crushing ratio, product size is more uniform than similar crusher;The gasket discharge port is reliable, the adjustment device is convenient, the adjustment range is wide, and the flexibility of the device is increased;The lubrication system is safe and reliable, convenient to replace parts, and heavy maintenance workload;Simple structure, reliable operation, low operating cost.Energy-Storage equipment: Stand-alone energy-The energy saving of the system is 15% to 30%, and the energy saving of the system is more than doubled;The adjustment range of discharge port can meet the requirements of different users;Low noise and less dust.
Biscuit has many advantages, making it competitive crushing equipment in the same industry market, winning many customers and becoming the first choice for crushing equipment
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