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by:Hengju     2019-06-28
In the Crusher Equipment, there are many types of crusher, they all have different advantages and different faults, and the broken materials are also different, such;(1) ;Ore processing plant;When the material moisture is too large, the heating device can be installed on the impact crusher chute and the feeding back plate to prevent the material from sticking together.The counterattack crusher does not need to be equipped with the bottom plate, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of blockage.The hammer crusher cannot prevent the adhesion of materials by heating.
The Symons cone crusher and the bottom screen panel should be equipped to increase the possibility of blockage.The impact crusher plate hammer when the rotor turns, the structure of the mechanical clamping is arranged on the rotor.Compared with the hammer crusher (hammer trailer state), the momentum of the impact crusher rotor is greater, and it is suitable for more solid material crushing and lower power consumption.
(3) grain can be adjusted easily and flexibly-Red Star brand counterattack hammer can adjust grain by various means-Such as rotor speed adjustment, back panel adjustment, grinding room clearance and other dimensions.The gap adjustment of the jaw crusher can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic, and the hydraulic adjustment system can easily pass through the upperThe on-site operation button or Yuncheng control system that completes the clearance adjustment.Hammer Crusher, adjusting grainSize can only be achieved by changing the screen bottom.
Red Star brand counterattack grinding plate hammer wear only appears on the material side.Due to the normal speed of the rotor, the feed will fall on the surface of the board hammer on the back of the board hammer (summary) and shall not be worn out.Even in the face of this side-worn material is rare.
The bottom grinding rod is easy to replace.The utilization rate of impact crusher plate hammer metal is as high as 45%-48%.The hammer head of the hammer crusher is in a suspended state, and the wear and tear finally occurs.
the front and rear profiles are more serious compared with the plate hammer head, and the metal utilization rate of the hammer head is only about 25%.Wear affects the plasma and the turn itself.The bottom of the hammer crusher of the belt conveyor is seriously affected by wear, the grille should be replaced, and the replacement of the sieve is also complicated.
The impact crusher on the rotor has only 6 plate hammers that have just been installed. with the help of HAZEMAG's special tools, the board hammer can be easily replaced, and only one board Hammer for flight time can be replaced.The bottom grinding of the large variable grinding room takes only a few minutes, greatly reducing the time and money for maintenance and maintenance.
The hammer head of the hammer crusher is only more than 100, it takes a lot of time and manpower to replace a hammer head, and the cost of maintenance is relatively high.It's also troublesome to change the screen panel.The technical features and advantages of impact crusher produced by Hongxing company.
crushing mechanism of cone crusher in China.The cement process is treated with a single-cycle limestone impact crusher with impact kinetic energy, breaking the material level along the seam and evenly discharging the cube shape.After the large material enters between the back of the rotor plate and the crushing cavity, the part of the rotor rotation function obtains kinetic energy, and in the counter plate is between the rotor, by the first stage of the anti-cavity and 2 anti-cavity respectively, the bottom of the grinding cavity drops and breaks to meet the required particles-size.
Next is the structural features.
Impact Crusher moreThe horizontal counterattack cavity, with enough crushing space, is suitable for large materials that are broken.The angle of the counterattack plate of the counterattack crusher can be adjusted to ensure that the material is at a right angle again between the counterattack plate and the rotor, and the wet magnetic separator can effectively improve the crushing efficiency.The anti-drop crushing process can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the crushing process.
The impact crusher counterattack plate adjusts the system at the same time as the whole machine and overload protection equipment, when foreign objects (such as iron, etc.) Or does not break things into the crusher, the back plate can be automatically backed up, let the foreign body through the crusher to prevent foreign bodies (such as iron, etc ).) Or not a lot of pieces of equipment damaged.
The disc hammer of the impact crusher is firmly fixed on the rotor, so the starting torque of the crusher is small, the dynamic balance performance of the rotor is easy to control, and the force moving during the operation of the secondary cone crusher is very small.Smooth start.The impact crusher frame part is a three-fission structure. just open the chassis after the crusher and replace the maintenance work such as the board hammer, counterattack board and lining board.
The replacement of impact crusher accessories is strong, and the variety of wear parts is small, which is convenient for the procurement and management of spare parts.The hydraulic opening and closing device used for cabinet opening and closing can effectively reduce the maintenance labor intensity, improve the maintenance work efficiency and reduce the maintenance time.The impact crusher monitoring system of the crusher can monitor the operation status at any time.
the monitoring system can signal the lock to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the machine.The impact crusher drive system adopts the method of mechanical coupling of the motor with V-belt crusher, which can effectively improve the start-up performance of the motor and make the motor run smoothly.The belt drive mode can have double overload protection function, and the motor power required to drive the system is low, which greatly reduces the operating cost.
The driving scheme is economical and practical, with good performance and safe and reliable driving scheme.The third is the use effect.The impact crusher is characterized by unique working mechanism and structural design.In terms of performance features, the impact crusher has obvious technical advantages compared with the hammer crusher:Uniform size, cubic material, powder, low dust content, especially suitable for vertical grinding;Low cost, low investment cost;The impact crusher hammer crusher has Light total weight, small appearance size and low static load value, which can effectively reduce the construction cost;The motor power is adjusted to a low level, which can effectively reduce the power consumption of the equipment and reduce the operating cost of the equipment.
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