jaw crusher parts innovation is key to crusher company development

by:Hengju     2019-06-27
As a "world factory" and manufacturing base, the development of Asian manufacturing industry has been highly valued.On April 2, the Boao Forum for Asia and lia hope weekly jointly held the Boao manufacturing roundtable, which was a manufacturing tycoon from the United States, Germany and France, japan, South Korea and China have made great suggestions and contributions to the development direction of this industry in China and Asia.At present, due to the problems of low contribution rate of technological progress and innovation to economic growth, the transformation and upgrading of Asian manufacturing industry is imminent.
At this round table, industry leaders from all over the world discussed the strategic issues that most people care about in the post-crisis era, such as the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, the evolution of new technologies and the global economic recovery.Globally, the gloomy outlook for the eurozone economy affected by the sovereign debt crisis has become a major uncertainty that threatens the world today and the economic recovery and growth in the next few years.Meanwhile, labor costs are rising in China, with signs that China's demographic dividend is fading away.
In this context, as a branch of China's manufacturing industry, Crusher is facing unprecedented pressure.So, how should we find the best way to develop in this environment?In the face of severe challenges, the participating countries have said that they will make breakthroughs through innovation in technology, concept and service.As a professional and famous crushing equipment manufacturing company, Hongxing machinery has been in the leading position in the industry since its establishment.
Lu Hongbo, president of the company, stressed that if a crushing machinery company wants to be strong, it needs to develop new core technologies and new product ideas, and gradually cultivate brand and cultural competition in the process of global procurement and marketing.Corporate culture is the fundamental driving force of enterprise innovation.Mr.Lu said that we must seriously study and look at the new technology and understand its procedures, otherwise the new technology will have a negative and opposite impact on the development of the whole human race.
For industrial development, technological innovation is important, but it is not only technology that needs innovation. enterprises must combine reliable and safe technologies through cultural ties, and innovation of business model, to solve the current financial crisis, has made a contribution to tide over the difficulties.At the same time, the innovation of enterprises also needs to learn from other countries and get the most from them.
To this end, we should strengthen cooperation at the technical level, not only from other countries, but also go out.As the world's leading manufacturer of crushing and grinding equipment, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for products of any sizeReduction requirements including quarries, aggregates, grinding production and complete stone crushing stations.We also offer separate jaw crusher and Raymond mill as well as their spare parts.
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