jaw crusher parts research development direction of domestic crusher ...

by:Hengju     2019-06-28
With the rapid development of science and technology and industry, manufacturing technology and theoretical basis are also constantly exploring.(1) focus on the energy-saving and efficient theory of crushing process. at the same time, researchers are constantly trying to find new theories to break through the existing three theories that people are familiar.
(2) focus on efficient crushing equipment that does not use mechanical force or has multiple mechanical forcesForce field of joint action.Although this subject is still in the research stage, it still has great development potential, so it is one of the hot spots in the research field of crusher.(3) modify and improve the functions of existing equipment to achieve maximum and highThe ultimate trend of equipment is to meet the needs of social development for energy conservation and consumption reduction.
Because high-In recent years, the end technology of domestic and foreign mining is not very ideal, and there is still a long way to go for the research of the above three research hotspots.However, with the global demand for mineral resources becoming more and more obvious, the demand for mining machinery and equipment will also increase significantly, people will also have higher requirements on the manufacturing technology and functions of engineering equipment.The development trend of standardized and comprehensive utilization of broken machinery spare parts is becoming more and more obvious.
In the process of crushing, in order to ensure the final crushing effect, the quality of spare parts needs to be guaranteed.In order to save investment costs, customers also have some requirements for the service life of crusher spare parts and the service life of the entire equipment.China's crushing equipment manufacturing industry is also developing series of products to achieve standardized and universal size of the same spare parts, improve the exchange of equipment spare parts, and promote reasonable economic components in the production process, simplify and reduce maintenance costs for related equipment.
More importantly, crushing equipment such as hammer crusher and professional jaw crusher are also committed to the reasonable transformation of existing products and the scientific determination of mechanical parameters to achieve product performance
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