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by:Hengju     2019-06-28
The crusher spare parts have various structural forms and the principle is the same, that is, by moving the jaw plate to break the periodic movement of the material in the movable jaw plate suspended around the center shaft of the fixed jaw plate during the swing process, the material that is located between the two jaw plates will be crushed and combined in split bending.Initially, the pressure is small, so the size of the material is reduced, the material is close to each other, and the extrusion is tight;When the pressure rises above the strength of the material to bear, the place is broken instead, when the movable chin leaves the fixed chin and swings in the opposite direction, the downward movement of the material is calculated by weight.Through the crushing effect, the movable jaw of each periodic movement of the material gets some distance to the next line.
After several cycles, the material begins to break from machines outside of the nested group.The jaw crusher with continuous rotation and movement of the motor is used for crushing and waste movement circulation to achieve mass production.Workers who apply jaw crusher know that after using jaw crusher for a period of time, jaw crusher will shake.
This action allows the worker to stop working in order to check the cause of the vibration, so that the machine can be repaired and production can be resumed.In fact, as long as you pay more attention to the machine at ordinary times, this situation can be completely avoided.First of all, whether it is loose or broken, we should pay more attention to fixing the screws of the jaw crusher.
The jaw crusher needs to be fixed on the ground by screws.If the screw is loose or broken, a slight shaking occurs first on one side of the machine.If loose screws are not tightened in time or broken screws are replaced, the rest of the screws will easily move or break, and then the shaking phenomenon will be more serious and even damage the machine.
Two second is to check whether the fixed Foundation is loose.As we all know, building a house requires a good foundation.If the Foundation is unstable, it will collapse.
The jaw crusher is the same and it needs to rely on a solid foundation so it doesn't shake.If the base of the jaw crusher is unstable, or loose during a long period of timeFor long-term use, they will affect the stability of the jaw crusher.Therefore, we must lay a good foundation for jaw crusher.
in the future use, occasionally check whether the foundation is loose.If so, we should strengthen it in time.Third, during the use of jaw crusher, if there is a deviation between the flywheel and the slot position, the machine will be unbalanced.Causing the machine to shake.The difference between the ordinary rocking bed and our rocking bed is: increase the stripe of the bed area;Narrow smooth area of bed;Stripes with a certain angle of climb;The bed itself, with major longitudinal changes;BeddingChanges in section shape and material aspects.
There are some changes in the corresponding operating technical parameters.In principle, the object is selected according to different sorting of different technical parameters
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