material handling injection molding advantages and disadvantages of injection molding

by:Hengju     2019-06-22
Injection molding and its products have penetrated into almost every aspect of your daily life.You may see dozens of injection parts around, in the car, at work, at home, or even in your wallet.Injection molding is considered one of the most common production methods, not only simpler, more efficient and more reliable than many other production technologies.
One of the biggest advantages of injection molding is the ability to use various types of heavy plastic in the same manufacturing process.Co-Injection molding can combine high-density plastics to obtain the required performance and reduce problems associated with specific plastics.Cycle times typically vary between 15 and 30, making it possible to produce a large number of parts per hour.
Injection molding can change the color of engineering materials without causing too many problems.Injection molds can be customized to meet the precise pre-Programming specifications that make the actual manufacturing process faster.High production and high efficiency also make the manufacturing process cost-effective.
Parts made using injection molding process are very flexible.Due to the large amount of pressure on the mold, the pressure of high-density plastics is greater compared to other molding processes.Therefore, various details can be added in the part design.
In addition, complex shapes can be easily designed and manufactured due to high pressure.You can add filler in the injection mold.These fillers reduce the density of the plastic while increasing the strength after molding.Plastic injection is perfect for parts that need to be strong and durable, which is a unique advantage in the injection molding process.
Getting a tool is an expensive thing.
Even if you are going to do it yourself, you need to have the right skills and injection molding machines, both of which are expensive.There is a lot of uncertainty about injection molding, which is likely to put your budget in trouble.When using this manufacturing method, it always makes sense to consider unforeseen expenses.
Although injection molding has many uses, it often imposes certain restrictions on the design of parts.The main thing to understand is that the injection molding tool is made of two half parts that need to be separated so that the parts can be released from the tool.Therefore, you need to make sure that the part is perpendicular to the tool opening and that the maximum part thickness at any specific point is less than 2mm-3mm.
Injection molding helps make your production process simple and troublesomeFree as much as possible.Most of the parts that pop up from the injection molding have a finished look, the scrap generated from the process is the environment-Friendly and can be reused.Ecomass compounds present the mostof-the-Custom line high gravity compoundMake according to your requirements and specifications to help you replace the metal seamlessly or make your manufacturing process easier and cheaper than before.
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