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by:Hengju     2019-06-22
Polyurethane reaction injection molding has several advantages over using natural materials such as metal or rubber, and the best is superior physical properties.Its second advantage is the diversity of items that can be made with polyurethane.Polyurethane, also known as polyurethane, is sometimes referred to as elastic material.
This material is often used to buffer foam, wheels, seals and washers, printing rollers, automotive and electronic instrument parts.It is usually the sixth or seventh elastic material most commonly used in the world, and there may be thousands of formulas.Here we would like to talk about what can be obtained by using polyurethane to cast the various items needed by global enterprises.
Polyurethane reaction injection molding is also known as RIM, and one of the primary considerations for excessive use of metal is the weight after the product is formed or processed.When manufactured to a lower durometer rating, the polyurethane is lightweight and flexible.The lower production speed makes it very attractive, and the corrosion resistance and impact resistance during processing increase its appeal.
Another advantage of polyurethane relative to metal is that it is notConductive, no sparks when working.The wear resistance, friction resistance, scratch or erosion resistance of polyurethane will increase the productivity of the material.This positive feature helps to maintain the original look and structure of the product.
In general, the toughness and easily formed properties of polyurethane can make it an excellent material for RIM.Polyurethane has some of the same advantages over metal, such as excellent wear resistance and many different molding capabilities, which are the same as natural rubber.The added benefits are high cutting and tear resistance, wider hardness range and low pressure tools.
Polyurethane has oil resistance, ozone resistance and radiation resistance-Make a solid rim product.It can be processed into very thin items and has a thicker part without a curing gradient.Last, but not least, the superior carrying capacity, which is basically the performance of the parts developed by polyurethane reaction injection molding to maintain its reliability without failure.
In general, polyurethane is a tough material.Not only does it have an advantage over metals and rubber, it also has high tensile strength, the strongest force the material can withstand without tearing, and excellent elongation and dimensional stability.On the one hand, it is flexible at extremely low temperatures, on the other hand, it has high heat resistance.
It is very resistant to environmental factors as well as bacteria, acids, chemicals and solvents.As you can see, the advantages of using polyurethane reaction injection molding outweigh the advantages of using natural materials
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