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by:Hengju     2019-06-24

Inventory is one of the seven wastes of Toyota's production system, which is proportional to the cycle time;The amount of time required for a customer's order to go through the manufacturing (or service) process.The theory of constraints explains why most cycle times are wasted in most processes.First of all, no process can run faster than its constraints or capabilitiesConstraint resource (CCR ).Second, favorable changes in processing time do not offset adverse changes, as time lost under constraints is lost forever.(This also explains the sudden traffic jams during rush hours.This webinar will explain the theory of constraints and provide attendees with production control methods that greatly reduce inventory and cycle times.

Participants will study Dr.Eliyahu Goldratt's theory of constraints, understanding how changes in processing and material transfer time have resulted in the impossibility of running a balanced plant at full capacity.Participants will also learn about drums-buffer-Rope (DBR) production control system that limits inventory to capacity or buffer that causes capacity-Limit resources to make sure it never runs out of work while eliminating inventory from the rest of the process.

Changes in processing and material transfer time make it impossible to run a balanced plant at full load (the same amount of work per operation ).
However, Henry Ford claims that this is exactly what it does --His factory only performs the least process on the work slide between the conveyor belt and the operation.He succeeded in eliminating the changes discussed.
Changes can be suppressed through standard work and work breakdown tablesIn fact, there is a concept of more than 200 years of history.
Therefore, it is recognized that pulling Production control is a containment of the problems caused by changes, rather than taking practical corrective measures against them.

Inventory is just an asset in cost accounting.

Cheap purchases are usually not cheap, and Benjamin Franklin (the impact on Henry Ford) told us this more than 200 years ago.
Only when overtime pay is paid, the labor force is the variable cost;Otherwise, it's a fixed cost for all the actual decisions --Do purpose.
The time lost under constraints can be as expensive as rework or even scrapping (because the opportunity to make saleable items is lost ).
Economic principles of engineering or management;Marginal costs, revenues and profits for decision making

Manufacturing and quality engineers and technicians.

William A.Levinson, P.E.CFPIM's FASQ is the owner of the Levinson productivity system PC.He has professional certifications from the American Association of Quality, APICS and the Association of Manufacturing Engineers.
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