material transfer systems webinar on "use shingo process maps to drive improvement"

by:Hengju     2019-06-24

Although the Shingo flow chart was originally designed for a specific improvement process, it can be used as dataAlso documented tools for life process improvement that support ISO 9001: 2015 processes.Under the action of the process flow chart, they can use the waste of production data to quickly expose time, materials and even energy to initiate corrective and preventive measures to remove waste.

The original role of Shingo maps in the process improvement project and how to record the process using Shingo maps to support the process focus of ISO 9001: 2015.
This includes the SIPOC model.
Operations in the Shingo map can be linked to work instructions to meet ISO 9001: 2015 record information requirements that are critical to the quality process.
The basics of how to build a Shingo map.(Reference: Peter, Canada.2015.Create and use the Shingo style flow chart.Waring TX: Published by Rikai.
How to use a Shingo map to expose wasted cycle time, whether in the planning process of the implementation process or in the operation process.
Apply the value principle of Shigeo Shingo-adding \"Bang!\ "Classify values-Increase and waste cycle time.
Determine process cycle time (PCT) from throughput and inventory and then determine process cycle efficiency.
Recognize the impact of the waste movement and the impact of changes in processing and material transfer time (as per Goldratt and Cox goals) on productivity.
How to use material and energy balanceBasic tools for chemical engineeringMake the waste material and energy visible.As far as we know, there is no material or energy waste that can escape this analytical technique of synergy with the Shingo map and SIPOC models.

Manufacturing and quality engineers and technicians, especially engineers and technicians responsible for process improvement and waste reduction.

William A.Levinson, P.E.CFPIM's FASQ is the owner of the Levinson productivity system PC.He has professional certifications from the American Association of Quality, APICS and the Association of Manufacturing Engineers.
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