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by:Hengju     2019-06-27
How often do you have a working day when you are at noonLater in the afternoon.In the afternoon, do you realize you didn't do anything?If you're like many professionals we talked to when we recently conducted research on daily work life through Harvard Business School, it's usually painful.Days like this that are not productive will not only damage the success of your project, your team and your organization;They will put your own health at risk.
We find that nothing makes people happier and more engaged than making meaningful progress on what they care about.We call it the principle of progress.But there is a serious drawback to this progressive principle: nothing feels worse than standing still at work, and the negative impact is much greater.The most common situation is that the reason for not producing a day is to try to take into account many of the competition for your time, usually unexpected requirements.
This happens when you work like crazy all day, but you still feel like you're not working efficiently.Sound familiar?Work-Life management experts Tony Schwartz, David Allen, and others have useful techniques to build daily work to do more.But how can you save a day because you can't get the most important work done at all?1.
Extrusion time-oasis.
(20 minutes) if possible, take something off your schedule for the rest of the day, and protect 20 minutes of uninterrupted focus on that meaningful project.More time will be better if you can, but 20 minutes can still make a difference.If you have to do this, leave a nonImportant meetings are 20 minutes in advance or stay in the office after 20 minutes.
(If you have an urgent business call, you will use such a strategy, right?Your most important job is a pressing business issue.) Close your email and phone.Find an unmanned meeting room or cubicle where no one can find you.2.Write down the progress of the day.(Two minutes) record the progress you made that day with a work diary.
It is natural to focus on what you have not done and what remains;But in order to get a boost in happiness and participation, you should take a minute to assess what you are doing.Even if you simply outline the next step of the creative project, make a note.And if you can't put that 20-minute time-Oasis, then write down any achievements you have made during the day, no matter how small.
It may not be the job you plan on, or it may be to solve someone else's problems, but if you make progress on anything useful, it's really meaningful progress, so write it down.3.Prepare for tomorrow's progress.Use a trick by Ernest Hemingway and other writers to rely on a mobile crusher: leave in the middle.When you have to stop working for the day on your most important project, end in the middleparagraph, mid-sentence, mid-Routine, in any case, as long as you have a good understanding of how to finish that section of the vibrating screen.
So you can just return to work the next day, even if you put tomorrow as your month-minute oasis
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