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by:Hengju     2019-06-26
How to find balance in art?Art is the flight of the soul, and everything you do in the creative process should come from within you.However, no matter what kind of talent you have, without proper education, it is difficult for you to fully convert your imagination into shapes and colors.Learning certain technical aspects of painting is essential to realize the potential beyond your spontaneous ability.
The problem is that by focusing on technology, it's easy to lose contact with your inner source of inspiration --What injects life and meaning into our workSimple painting into a professional application of oil painting.How do you avoid it and know how to paint and feel where is the correct balance between it?Understanding this is critical to your canvas work.Here are some tips to help you.1.Don't try to plug in all the theories, guidelines, and tricks you find on the art site, desperately don't miss any useful information.
Learn new things in small topicsAvoid overused base blocks.If you accumulate knowledge in constant confusion, you end up confused to the point where you simply can't decide how to paint.Arrange your learning process to a stageby-The stage system, in your creation cycle, rather than outside of them, exercises new methods at intervals between blocks.
Painting in some way or using the newly learned technology just to do it is a road with nowhere to go.No matter which painting you find attractive, everything you create art on the canvas must be subject to your inner view of the painting and vice versa.Before using a specific drawing method, ask yourself if it really helps to express what you are trying to convey and how to express it accurately.
Why are you using this technology instead of another one?Conscious painting is the key to the intelligent realization of your theoretical knowledge.3.Another extreme position of painting is the complete denial of any practical aspect of art.Those who support it do not recognize any painting standards, and ignoring education is a limiting factor in undervaluing imagination and turning artists into painting robots.
This approach is also less constructive, as drawing a painting purely based on their artistic intuition can deprive you of powerful tools to enhance your talent.Something you invented before you were not yourself.Betrayed but selfdevelopment
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