plastic injection molding conformal cooling channel design for plastic injection molding

by:Hengju     2019-06-28
The constant temperature mold of high precision contour molding plastic parts is not only the productivity of the injection molding process, but also important for product quality.The solution to this challenge is the rapid thermal response molding process in which the overall temperature of the mold parts is uniform, ensure product quality 2001 by preventing differential shrinkage, internal stress and mold release issues ).Many Computer-Aided-The observation and refinement of Engineering (CAE) and optimization methods were carried out.Adjust the impact of the thermal system (Park et al )., 1998).The results of these research work are through thermal analysis modules (such as C-Based on the mold or Moldflow originally designed by human beings.Given the initial thermal configuration design, the efficiency and quality of the molded parts can be predicted before the actual plastic mold is manufactured.Another necessary step in the complete automation of the molding heat system is to generate an initial design for the shape-preserving cooling channel.For example: injection mold, mold manufacturing, injection mold.In this paper,A solution to this problem is proposed.Super-As a tool to identify the shape of plastic parts, a quadratic surface is proposed and an algorithm is applied to generate the center line of the hot sub-lineSystem for each individual surface.Finally, combine these centerline subsets together to create a unique centerline that is the guide line that produces the cooling channel of the thermal system.As the name implies, the shaped cooling channel refers to the channel that conforms to the surface of the mold cavity.Compared with traditional production tools, shape-preserving cooling channels have been improved at the same time in terms of productivity and part quality.In previous studies, the design and manufacture of cooling lines have been confined to relatively simple structures, mainly due to the limitation of manufacturing methods for manufacturing tools, but also due to the lack of suitable design methods.Emergence of solid free surface manufacturing process with manufacturing 3-capabilityAlmost arbitrarily complex D features are useful for the mold design process (Xu et al )., 2001).How to optimize the design process of thermal system is a problem to be solved.This paper presents a systematic approach to design a cooling channel.Firstly, a feature recognition algorithm is applied to recognize and decompose the molded parts into manageable parts, thusCalled the cooling zone.In the next step, a childGenerate a cooling channel system for each cooling zone.These sub-The system of the cooling channel is further decomposed into smaller elements, called a cooling unit that is easy to analyze.Finally, the process of combining these sub-modules.The system is to create a complete shape-preserving cooling system for the entire plastic part based on the constraints of the combination algorithm and design rules.Now, the functionModeling has become the standard of 3D design.Most complex shapes are obtained by synthesis from simple feature sets.This design strategy is not sensitive to part geometry;Therefore, no matter how complex the geometry of the part is, it maintains the simplicity of the design program.For simple and efficient purposes, molded parts are split into sub-partsThe function of identification must be designed for some thermal systems.Feature recognition has attracted great attention of researchers and is proposed in the literature., 1993).Most of them are based on processing feature recognition technology, which can be divided into three categories: Graph-Methods, Volume Methods and tips based onbased methods.Although the recent machining feature recognition technology can well solve parts with complex intersection features, this technology is not suitable for shape feature detection in thermal system design of plastic products.Plastic products free of chargeThe shape surface is mainly used, therefore, freeThe form function must be processed.In addition, shape features in plastic parts can be smoothly mixed into another feature, and the boundaries between features cannot be clearly defined.With these two reasons, figure-Methods, Volume Methods and tips based onThe method based on can be applied.
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