plastic material loaders ejectors in sampling systems - industrial mechanical

by:Hengju     2019-06-24
In any reactor application, the sample of the reactor medium needs to be analyzed to judge the progress and State of the reaction.For reactors operating at higher than atmospheric pressure, samples can be easily obtained, but for reactors operating under atmospheric pressure or vacuum conditions, samples need to be extracted/extracted from the reactor.The medium sampled can be in the form of a mixture of liquid and gas.
In some applications, the liquid or gas sampled may contain suspended solids or particulate matter.The system must be able to produce the required flow and suction pressure to obtain the required sampling flow at the reactor operating pressure.The system must not pollute the sampling medium and must be able to maintain its purity.
The system must be able to handle the corrosive and abrasive properties of the medium.Sampling is a process related to measurement and quality control that can be operated continuously or in the form of a batch operation.The system must be reliable enough to meet continuous/batch requirements in the shortest downtime.
The mapper can be designed to breathe in media from the atmosphere to high vacuum conditions.The spray can work with liquid and gas Media.The mapper can tolerate the presence of suspended solids and particulate matter without any dramatic impact on performance.
They do not contain any moving parts with negligible maintenance and very high reliability.Once installed, the sampling generator will continue to work for many years without maintenance.The flexibility to choose building materials helps to make jet devices in compatible materials, which is very useful when the sampling medium is corrosive or abrasive.
We manufacture sampling syringes in crystal TCS for stainless steel, Harth alloy and titanium as well as construction plastic materials.The energy input of the MAPPER is a pressurized power gas.The requirement for dynamic gas is usually at medium pressure and low flow rate.
The existing gas supply system in the factory can easily adapt to medium pressure and low flow rate, which does not require any additional equipment to be installed to run the injector.1.Non-compressed airReact with most gases and liquids.Therefore, contact with the air will not pollute the sample, nor will it lead to physical and chemical decomposition in the sample.
Compressed air is easily available in many factories, so it is the cheapest way to run a sampling generator.For the best results, the air must be completely dry and oil-free in order to maintain the purity of the sample in the highest order.2.In the process where the medium is sensitive to contact air, a popup operated by nitrogen or inert gas (helium and ar) is used to draw reactor samples.
The use of inert gas helps to maintain the exact purity of the sample and prevents any physical or chemical decomposition.These power gases are also used for sampling gas-prone bodies in nature.The first-class sampling top bar can extract samples from the pressure as low as 100 support.
The single-stage Mapper can easily meet the sampling requirements.In the case of a higher vacuum, multiple stage units can also be designed
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