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by:Hengju     2019-06-24
The word plastic is derived from the Greek term "plastikos", which literally means a substance or object that can be shaped into any shape or structure.In fact, in modern times, plastic products are widely manufactured and used in different fields or fields.In fact, it is not wrong to comment that it has become one of the most used objects in the world.
Due to its numerous uses and features, it has replaced materials such as steel and aluminum.Moreover, it has stronger plasticity and toughness;The weight is light and will not be corroded by rust, for example in the case of iron.Modern components of plastic materials can even be recycled.
It is one of the very useful materials that use more than one million.It has different categories depending on its chemical structure.The use of plastic products cannot be reduced because it has become a vital part of human life.
The most common uses of these plastic products are daily necessities such as barrels, brooms, mugs, bristles and brushes.The Pearl PET bottles and plastic containers used in the kitchen are made of polypropylene.Moreover, plastic furniture such as chairs, tables and cabinets are widely used in the market.
It is also widely used in the construction of doors and windows.Plastic doors and windows are more durable and affordable.Manufacturers of plastic products in Kolkata must also produce a variety of products for the packaging industry.
As a packaging material, it is usually used as a laminated bag, a zipper bag and a packaging bag.Over time, these products become very popular and demand is increasing.People can pack food such as fruits and vegetables, which can keep the restaurant fresh.
In fact, there are many packaged ready-to-eat foods on these bags in the supermarket.Now, even in small parties and events, people are starting to use plastic plates and cups instead of bones.China crockery.Even if it falls on the surface of the cement, it is not easy to break.
Pharmaceutical companies have begun to use plastic bottles instead of glass bottles to preserve syrup and all other liquid forms of drugs.Polystyrene is also used to make boxes and discs.Electronics companies use It in it and It cases.
Toughness and luster;Can be used as an electronic case.Another industry that requires plastic materials such as polyester is fabric.In fact, this polyester is mixed with nylon and cotton to make saree and other clothing materials.
Nylon is also widely used in the manufacture of fishing nets, toothbrush bristles and shell shapes.PVC or PVC is one of the most common plastic forms and is widely used to build durable and elastic pipes.The building of sunglasses, laboratory lenses and equipment is made of polyester materials.
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