pneumatic belt conveyor conveyor elements : preparing for breakdowns

by:Hengju     2019-06-26
In the case of equipment failure, it is very important to find the upgrade position as soon as possible.This is why it is recommended to know the specifications of the system's basic conveyor components in advance.The three most common conveyor belt factors that need to be replaced are usually conveyor belts, conveyor rollers, and drum motors.Now, the conveyor is one of the most basic machines.From quarries to construction production lines, conveyors are used in almost every industrial sector.These conveyor belts can be used for functions that are absolutely necessary, or that are less important, but if you find something to fail, it is enough to affect the whole job.Since the conveyor system is a vital part in many manufacturing processes, businesses often take great care of these devices to ensure performance and avoid equipment failures.Having said that, no matter what kind of care is given to any equipment, failure is often inevitable.All of these faults can be very expensive, not because of the need to replace the actual conveyor or even its parts, but because the extended shutdown of the assembly line usually means a reduction in profits.Keeping this in mind, it is very important to make sure the conveyor works as fast as possible.The good news is that the failure of the delivery system can usually be handled by adjusting one or two parts or updating the damaged parts.If this happens, the whole conveyor will end up completely useless and needs to be replaced, which is very unusual.Because of this, it does not cost too much to solve this problem, nor does it cost a lot of time.Make sure you are able to replace the faulty conveyor belt parts without delay, and it is important that you understand the concept of the regular parts that need to be updated.This is relevant, because from the beginning, it is necessary to know not only the specific project that needs to be upgraded, but also the exact technical specifications.In addition to that, you have to know where you can easily get your items so that in the case of damage to the conveyor parts, just try to verify the specific standards of the components you need, and look around for the company or distributor of the component, time will not be wasted.The three conveyor components that usually need to be updated occasionally are the conveyor belt, the conveyor roller, and the drum motor in the conveyor belt.When you buy an alternative conveyor belt, not only do you want to ensure the ideal quantity of the conveyor belt, but you also want to ensure the standard.For this reason, you can buy straps of rubber, PU and Pvc material, so determine which one you are currently operating.It is certain that the friction coefficient of the belt is very low, the release performance is good, and it also has thermal resistance.It is also important to obtain a conveyor belt that does not increase bacterial development if it may be used to load fruits and vegetables.For conveyor drums, you need to know the specifications of the drum, such as the material (I.e.The material is made of Pvc, carbon steel and stainless steel.) The diameter, thickness of the pipe and the type of bearing used.For light-Roller for non-heavy conveyorPrecision Bearings are widely usedused.However, with regard to the media --duty and heavy-duty use, semi-Precision and precision bearings are essential.For drum motors, get the actual power level of the active drum motor you are implementing.This is to make sure that even if you go to a different manufacturer, you can easily verify the drum motor that supplies power to the belt conveyor and do not have to compare the model.This is very important because some drum motors can have the same diameter, but the power supply is different.Make sure that if you get a replacement drum motor from a different company, you check not only the compatibility of the power supply, but also the compatibility of the installation.You will findYou can find the manufactured drum motor, which is definitely more cost-effective compared to the new drum motor.But, remember that the new drum motor will have a greater productivity factor compared to re-The drum motor manufactured also extends the life, not to mention the longer warranty period.
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