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Located in the strategic position of the grid region, gualor is a city in central India.It is located 122 kilometers south of Agra and 423 kilometers (263 miles) north of the state capital Bhopal ).The city and its fortress were once the center of several historic Northern Indian kingdoms.
Gwalior is the administrative headquarters of the Gwalior district and the Gwalior division..> And updates from the rest of the world, even on the move.There are several important educational institutions in the city, including the Indian School of Information Technology and Management, the Indian school of tourism and tourism management, the Scindia School and the Laxmibai National School of Physical Education.
Gwalior can be visited between late October and early April without much discomfort, but due to extreme heat, months from June to should be avoided.Monsoon months are at risk of continuous heavy rain and disease and should usually be avoided as well.Despite limited air transport services, the city is well connected by rail and road.
Gualiol Airport, 8 km from NATO-In the east of the city, it is one of the main airports in the central state, and almost all the facilities are equipped in a good airport.The main station of Gwalior is one of the main commercial railway stations of the North-Central Railway of the Indian Railway, with its regional headquarters in Allahabad.1987 the station for clean infrastructure India Railway award respectively for 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1992.
Parr Express and others said that the Indian Express and Bhopal Shatabdi gualiur stopped.Gwalior has a pretty good connection with the central state and the rest of India, with national and state highways.Proposed Northsouth-Golden CorridorProject through the city's Quadrilateral highway.
The Agra-Mumbai national highway (NH3.
) runs through gualor, connecting Shivpuri at one end and Agra at the other.Public transport system for Gwalior by tempos, horse-Tongas (running a fixed route like a bus system) and a car rickshaw taxi.Recently, municipal companies launched Gwalior city buses covering some of the city's routes.
Rhythm and automaticRickshaws are often seen as a cause of pollution and road congestion, and local governments plan to replace temporary vehicles with trucks operated by liquefied petroleum gas.The city has a large group of Hindi news readers.Updates from other countries and the world can be accessed through several Hindi newspapers.
Dainik Bhaskar is the oldest and most-Read newspapers extensively.are city-According to Raj, Dainik Madhya pradesh Raj, Nav Bharat, engine, Patrika, Swadesh, Naidunia, Dainik in addition to words, Samachar, Patrika, Dainik Adityaz of others.Evening newspaper Sandhya Samachaar, sudarshan.
The city is covered by a large network of fiber optic cables.There are three fixed telephone line operators in the city: BSNL, Reliance and Airtel.BSNL, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, Tata DoCoMo, Aircel, video ocon are GSM players with a total of eight mobile phone companies.
There are two shopping centers in Gwalior, DD City Mall and Maya-The chittagali shopping center features digital gold reuse.There are several play areas, three discotheques and a water park in gualor.Sun City amusement park is a family entertainment center located in gualor.
Gwalior's well-known hospitals include the Gajara Raja Medical School and related J.A.Hospitals, Kamla Raja Hospital, Sahara Hospital, Mascot Hospital, Bella hospital, Cancer Hospital and Institute and many other excellent private doctor clinics
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