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by:Hengju     2019-06-26
Robots are not a new concept. they already exist in different ages.In 1939, the first humanoid robot was created.It actually speaks more than 700 words and appears in a movie in its 1960 s.Robots also die;On 1981, a Japanese worker at the Kawasaki factory was crushed by a robot arm.
The word "robot" refers to the technology that has the main purpose in manufacturing the mechanical intelligent agent called Robot.The word "robot" was first created by Czech writer Carrell carbeck in his play "robot.U.R.Although the word "robot" was first created by Isaac Asimov in his 1941 science fiction novelsstory \"Liar!\".
The great da Vinci predicted the birth of robots in the future.At first, machinery was a powerful driving force for the development of robots, but with the progress of science and technology, advanced mechanical technology was replaced by electronic technology.In 1954, George Devor invented the first digital programmable robot, known for its name as Unimate.
The RoboCup World Championships (football matches with robots), which began in 1997, are often used as test sites for robot dynamics and sports.The holy grail of robotics is to improve artificial intelligence, especially by creating robots that can integrate knowledge and put information into the environment so that they can make decisions in one second.The original idea behind creating robots is to use them for human work, especially hard work or work in dangerous environments.
Robots that must work instead of humans need some way to manipulate objects;Picking up, modifying, destroying, or otherwise producing effects, so far science has found it very difficult to reconstruct human movements in robots.The existing robot can walk or run at present, but this kind of movement does not look like human beings, and it also uses a lot of energy, which means that robots need to make future robots more energy-efficient.Most mobile robots today have wheels instead of legs.
Today's robots are used for a variety of purposes, from vacuuming floors, mowing lawns, cleaning sewers to investigating other planets, making cars, and for military operations.Asia is believed to have more than half of the world's robots (Japan in particular, with more than 30% of the world's robots ).Some people think that the development of robot technology will cause huge unemployment in the future, because robots can do skilled work better than human beings.
Not to mention, they may exceed the ability of workers to do most of their work.Today, robots are everywhere.They were used in the Army to scout the bombs in the war zone.They also flew over the war zone to detect the enemy's position.
The factory also uses robots to do repetitive work, such as tightening the tire nut on the assembly line of the car.Robots are also used in the medical field for fine surgery and can even be controlled from all over the country.The founder of the Robotics Institute predicts that humans will be in close contact with robots in the next four years.
He also believes that robots will be their own species, emotional and emotional in 2040.Summary: through this article, I will tell you that the future world will be run by robots
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