rock crushing machine mining crusher development welcomes good chances

by:Hengju     2019-06-28
At present, China's mine crushing machinery industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities and challenges.Only in this case can a manufacturing enterprise stand out in the market, get the first opportunity for development, and turn challenges into opportunities, and welcome God to bring unexpected benefits to those who are ready.So, what is the domestic and foreign dynamics affecting the development of crushing machinery in China?Experts from Hongning machinery have been here to answer your questions.
(1) increasing the construction of affordable housing is an important measure in the 12 th Five-Year Plan period of China.On 2011, the relevant departments issued the General Office of the relevant departments on how to build and manage affordable projects.The "opinions" clearly pointed out that housing security is an important part of the government's public service.
"1025" final national coverage of affordable housing about for 20% set.According to the previously announced plan, China will build 1025 sets of affordable housing during the "36 million" period, involving more than 4 sets of total investment.5 trillion in 2011 alone, there were 10 million affordable housing plans.
The construction of affordable housing requires a large amount of sand and stone materials as building materials, which will promote the rapid development of the crushing sand industry.Two) in order to stimulate domestic demand and alleviate the adverse effects of the international financial crisis, many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have issued good policies to support infrastructure construction, infrastructure projects such as roads, railways and water conservancy are under construction and development of civil aviation.These projects require crushing and grinding equipment to provide raw materials for production.
For example, road construction requires the use of crusher to provide stone and artificial sand as a foreshadowing, and asphalt aggregates commonly used in road construction also need to use sand making machines to provide raw materials.(3) with the rising prices of precious metals at home and abroad, domestic mines and mines have also ushered in a good era of rapid development.Both mining and processing require the support of crushing machinery.
In order to effectively improve production efficiency and product quality, the market needs a large number of medium and highBreaking the end of the machine for Hongxing machinery, this is undoubtedly a good news, Hongxing machinery is a mining machinery like hammer crusher and professional Raymond Mill manufacturing company, the mining industry enjoys a high reputation in the international market.(4) domestic energy prices also provide a golden opportunity for the development of coal enterprises.As an important supplier of coal mine equipment, Crusher enterprises have also ushered in great opportunities for development.
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