types of conveyors Meccanica Zucal has a new model of its apple system machine that has garnered a lot of interest from Australia

by:Hengju     2019-06-22
Sergio Zucal has been manufacturing machinery to help the apple industry for more than 30 years.The former farmer has been offering Zucal apple systems to the Italian apple industry and has a very clear idea of when his machine will enter the Australian market."Australia will be ready in 2017.Mr. Zucal said he believes Australia will be ready for such systems and technologies next year as the industry has been working recently to improve productivity and quality in Australian orchards.
Because of globalization, Australia is like an Italian neighbor, which ensures that all markets, including Australia, are focused on quality and strive to improve their global competitors, he said."Everyone, especially now, is focused on eating well, the product has to be beautiful, it looks great and there is no bruises...But this is life. we need to be better, or you will die .""This is the reality,xa0The best product is reliable and lasts for a long time.
The Zucal application system is a versatile Apple system that can be used for harvesting, as well as for pruning and intercutting.It is fully customizable and can be used in different Orchard conditions to make it suitable for Australian ducks.Mr. Zucal, who attended the Interpoma trade show, said that he had already attracted great interest from Australians at the show and before the event.
About 30 years ago, the Apple system was the first such system in Italy, developed after farmers asked zucar for help."We started with the packaging warehouse. the farmer asked me 25 years ago.xa0"In order to make a machine that can be used for harvesting, the machine is trimmed," he said ."."There are many such machines on the market now.
However, the production of the Zucal apple system lasted for 20 years, and Mr. Zucal said he had customers who owned their machines."They don't want to trade with it, they call it the name, it's part of the [machine.
A new feature of the latest model of the Zucal apple system is the new technology, which helps reduce bruises on the apple that is being harvested.The machine has small plastic "teeth" that help guide the apple from the Harvester's hands and into the bin along the conveyor belt.The anti-Brusing technology is only available in 2015 models.
Zucal apple systems are all manufactured and manufactured in Italy
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