used industrial robots is purchasing second hand robots good for business?

by:Hengju     2019-06-25
Many companies are now fully focused on automated operations.Whether a company is involved in item manufacturing or assembly, it is possible to automate all operations with the help of a suitable industrial robot.However, industrial robots are an expensive investment and not every organization has enough budget to buy them.
That's why many organizations are now looking forward to buying used robots.When you use a used robot, the most important benefit you get is the low cost.Take the KUKA industrial robot as an example, while the cost of the new KUKA welding robot may be much higher, you can get the same second-hand Kuka robot for a fairly low price.
In today's highly challenging and competitive business environment, when you can buy more used robots for the amount of money you buy a single new robot, you can stay on top of the game.Another benefit of using used industrial robots is to minimize errors.Since robots are programmable and follow a specific set of algorithms, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of errors on your assembly line or production line.
This can ultimately help you save on raw material costs by reducing waste.In addition, when repeat customers get the results they are looking for, it also increases the likelihood of getting a strong repeat customer base.When the entire manufacturing or assembly line is operated manually, there are many possibilities of errors that increase the delivery time.
Some employees may take a day off while others may already have too much to do.This is where used industrial robots are sold.Once programmed, industrial robots can work around 24/7 hours and deliver the final product on time.
There is no longer a chance of delay or delay due to human error!
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