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by:Hengju     2019-06-26
Windshield wiper is the American version of windshield wiper.It is part of any four-wheelers.In some states, if you don't have a wiper on your car, you have to pay a fine for it, which is very important.All four-wheelers such as cars, train locomotives, trucks, jeeps, some planes and ships with cabin must be equipped with windshield wipers.In fact, this is a legal requirement for these vehicles.
In fact, the windshield wiper is a tool used to remove rain, ice, snow and debris from the windshield or windshield.It's a very important part of the car because you can't drive safely without a good wiper.So it also provides important safety for you, your family and your vehicle.How does the windshield wiper work?The wiper generally has metal arms and rubber blades.The rubber blade is attached to the arm.The power supply inside the wiper provides power for the wiper.It is sometimes an electric motor.But in some equipment, pneumatic power is also used.
The blades of the wiper move back and forth on the glass.It drives water and other precipitation from the surface.The speed of the windshield wiper is usually adjustable.There may be several continuous speeds and more intermittent settings.In most cases, the car has two synchronized radial arms.On the other hand, some commercial vehicles sometimes have a bow arm.
Windshield cleaning systems are sometimes used.Using several nozzles, this cleaning system will spray antifreeze or water on the windshield.The system helps to remove dust or dirt from the windshield.This happens when it is consistent with the wiper.
The windshield washer uses fluid to clear ice or snow.In winter, some vehicles use additional heaters for Windows.Sometimes, the heating wire is embedded in the glass.This defroster system does not allow the accumulation of snow or ice on the windshield.

Windshield wipers are powered in different ways.Now the main power of the windshield wiper is the motor.It does the work through a series of mechanical components.Basically two four-Use the rod system in parallel or in series.
Pneumatic wiper is a common pneumatic brake system for automobiles.The power here comes from a small amount of pressurized air generated by the braking system.The air is supplied to the motor (pneumatic) that is kept on the windshield ).The variety of windshield wipers for windshield wipers is not always used only for front windshields.To meet some additional needs, people use wipers in different parts of the car.The rear wiper is also set on the rear screen.In general, behind the station trucks, hatchbacks, minivans, sports utility vehicles-Wipers were used.Some vehicles with larger vertical directionsFacing the rear window, also using the rear windowwiper.They use this because there is too much possibility of dust accumulation in that place.The safety of the headlamp wiperIn 1960 vehicle is greatly improved.As a result, people began to use the headlight wiper.The headlight wiper has become so important that the headlight wiper must be used in Sweden in 1972.
But now the use of the headlight wiper is not much.Now some big cars use hidden wipers.In general, the wiper is visible even after the wiper is closed.In the hidden wiper, the wiper is below the wipe range.It stops at the bottom of the windshield and is invisible.Rain-If the windshield wiper starts working when it rains, will you feel it?It's a good idea, isn't it?Driver now.A Programmable Intelligent vehicle with this wiper.They can detect rainfall and rainfall with sensors.The frequency and speed of wiper blades are adjusted according to the frequency of rain.
Therefore, with the increase in passenger demand, the change of windshield wiper has also increased.

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