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Caps and closure dehumidified drying system

Caps and closure dehumidified drying system

In PET bottle embryo system process, dry become are particularly crucial phase, must ensure that the moisture content in the raw material is removed and the drying temperature is reasonable.Constant major desiccant dryer can provide below 40 ℃ low dew point, dry air to ensure material fully dry.

Constant major relying on its technical strength in the field of plastic auxiliary machinery can meet from plastic conveyor, dehumidified dryer, mold temperature and cooling, recycle material and color management and so on all to seek.Its mining energy-saving control technology, environmental protection and energy saving type in1 desiccant dryer, advanced technology, superior performance, and very save time, we can realize the different systematic solutions tailored for the customer.


Drying system


In PET bottle embryo system process, dry become are particularly crucial phase, must ensure that the moisture content in the raw material is removed and the drying temperature is reasonable.Constant major desiccant dryer can provide below 40 ℃ low dew point, dry air to ensure material fully dry.

Dew point setting and intelligent regeneration function, the traditional dehumidifier dew point temperature can not set, dehumidifier is work in the largest load condition.But in dealing with a PET raw materials of high requirement of humidity, dew point must be set and control.Dew point temperature can be set associated with renewable energy, the control of constant major honeycomb turn wheel dehumidifier main parts adopt imported components, elaborate dazzle colour, good workmen assembled (PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc.) high efficiency dry homework.


Mold desiccant system


Condensation is like when the mold surface temperature is lower than the ambient air dew point temperature can produce water vapour, which affect the product quality and production efficiency, at the same time will be corrosion mold surface, causing the environmental pollution.Constant major mould dehumidifier doesn't let mould produce dewing phenomenon also is not affected by seasonal variation, reduce the defective rate, pretended to be cooler outlet, outlet air temperature, dry to ensure low increase in addition to the effect, to ensure the stability of the processing conditions and the maximum capacity of PET system.


PET crystallization machine

Constant major PET crystallization machine is designed for overcoming vitrification transition temperature and designed to ensure homogeneity, avoid the material bonding or bridge.Crystallization tank capacity of 25 kg to 5000 kg.

Material level detection system, can be detected by the indicator based on the actual raw material quantity adjustment crystallizer and the mode of the feeding device.With accurate temperature sensing control system of discharging mouth with rotary discharge valve, achieve sustained crystalline and prevent degradation.

Meet the needs of different materials, design safe, convenient cleaning.


Color matching system


Constant major volume type machine tool can be used in the crystalline and non-crystalline material grain color color mother the measurement of raw material, production range of 0.2 ~ 32 kg/hr.If the customer add ratio and higher accuracy for masterbatch, we promote use gravity type color machine tool, using the measurement methods, production range of 0.04 ~ 32 kg/hr.

Internal cooling water circulation cooling function can prevent color masterbatch possible melt into the PET is main flow, thus ensuring the precise measurement.To set a number of mold cycle to add a masterbatch, trace measurement in order to meet the requirements.


Weighing type mixing materials mixing machine

Special high temperature type weighing type mixing materials mixing machine is designed, including the weighing sensor and material level detector, can deal with PET crystallization of high temperature materials processing.

Controller with Ethernet interface, with the corresponding software can be through the communication interface read raw material proportioning data (e.g., maximum output and actual output, the matching accuracy) in order to control product quality.

Color graphic displays, touch screen operation, have formula storage function, can store up to more than 100 recipes, the use of advanced control algorithm, independent optimization, PLC controller, reliable performance, easy maintenance.


Automatic transmission system


Contact with the raw material of parts adopt stainless steel material as well as the transmission system of filtering device, effectively ensure the PET raw materials in the process of transmission is not contaminated.Flexible conveyor to fill the wind control system, by adjusting the transmission speed, effectively avoided due to the different delivery conditions make the PET raw material produces wire drawing or the status of the dust.

PET high temperature material conveying system, the constant major special design which has the function of water cooling solution, reduce the suction machine for high temperature materials delivery risk.

Closed circulation of the two transmission system, constant major for hot materials and after drying should be sent to the machine on the insulation hopper conveying process, can greatly reduce because of conveying process of the dry heat loss and the risk of raw material moisture absorption again.


The cooling system


Constant major chiller cooling system can achieve precise control of temperature, flow rate and pressure, the maximum refrigerating effect, its products include air cooled and water cooled chillers, cooling towers, pump and water tank.Based on the standard equipment technology, on the basis of constant major to meet the different needs of customers personalized solutions.

Water/air cooled in ice water machine, open the cold water machine, a new combination, well-known brand compressor and evaporator super cooling, quiet save electricity.There is single, double, four units, high energy efficiency.