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HDPE jar drying system

HDPE jar drying system

The modern modular design of Drywell granulate dryers allows the construction of individual and centralised drying units that may be expanded, adapted or moved to another location at any time – without re-installation of the drying air piping.

When required, individual dryer units may be taken from such a central system and used as an add-on dryer, for example. On the other hand, the existing system can be easily expanded with additional units.

Drying hoppers are dimensioned for the specific application.


High redundancy

Easy set-up and operation

Constant dew point of the drying air

Energy-efficient drying technology

No drying air piping required

Anti-stress function, no excessive granulate drying

Dust-free drying air thanks to desiccant rotor technology

Easy integration in existing production environments

Precise project management and modern plant engineering with Digicolor systems