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Medical products dehumidifying and drying system

Medical products dehumidifying and drying system

HENGJU's has a completed conveying batching system for fore end of the extrusion machine. And has many successful cases such as HONDA, FUNAI, TANITA, Skyworth,Clarion etc. In recent years, HENGJU's has developed its own system in extrusion process through successful implement of many projects. Combine those experience, we keep providing reasonable extrusion production lines for customer.

From process planning, material unpack feeding, storage, conveying, automatic batching , host and back end equipment to packaging,we provide the whole plant planning, also include plant layout design, design of electric circuit, gas and water lines, steel frame , dust removing system, exhaust gas treatment and other process steps planning. Optimizing on site overall arrangement , provide supportive service for customers with safety, high efficiency , environmental protection concepts and professional skill.